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I spun this yarn on a top whorl spindle…months ago in Reston. I finally had a chance to set the twist here in PDX 🙂

I had no idea how difficult it was to photograph yarn. The yarn is really shimmery with shiny bits in real life, I don’t seem to be able to capture that in the photo.

I’m a beginner at spinning. It’s a good thing though that I like uneven ‘handspun’ look anyway 😀 One of these days, I think I might like a spinning wheel, but for now, I quite like the spindle. I think that yarn came out pretty, but of course all the credit goes to the gorgeous fiber I spun.


Here’s my organizational solution for the day:

Crochet hooks in a jar with lentils to keep them from getting dusty or scratched 🙂

I’ve always wanted a terrarium, here’s one that’s completely low maintenance!


It was such a lovely day out that we went out for an impromptu drive after our Saturday Coffee. We drove through the downtown…

…and further towards Mount Hood (we think it’s Mt. Hood…)

…and along the Columbia River Gorge…

…and through the winding road…

…and there it was, Multinomah Falls. Ok. My photo doesn’t do the it justice, I got too preoccupied taking blurry photos of winding road. I got this one shot from inside the car (…and I don’t know why nature looks so creepy when it gets photographed by me!) because it had suddenly gotten cold with the sunset so I stayed in the car with Immi and Ashland. It seems Todd got some nice photos though!

…And driving back into town at dusk.

You can actually see the falls very well from few different points in the scenic drive and is completely worth it even if you don’t take the hike. It’s only 35 minutes-ish drive from our place, so we’ll venture out again hopefully well before the sunset next time!

Coffee and Buttons

We are at Stumptown Coffee Roasters. I’m having mocha (isn’t this the prettiest cup of coffee ever?) and sharing blackberry danish with immi. Now this cup of coffee isn’t just pretty — it’s probably the most interesting coffee experience ever. I think of myself as a coffee lover not a connoisseur (…and certainly not a snob!)…meaning that I know a good cup of coffee when I meet one, but you won’t hear me complaining as long as it’s decent. Anyhow, this coffee challenged me to rethink what coffee could (should?) taste like. How amazing is that?

Todd had said that he wanted to show me this place (he said that it was a surprize…) that he had found for me. As it turns out, it’s a little shop called Button Emporium & Ribbonry in the SW of the downtown Portland. This is a shop full of buttons and trims and ribbons — a mix of new, vintage, recycled and handmade. I just LOVE Portland for satisfying such a niche market! Seriously, the best date ever:D


It’s raining out today. Ordinary sort of Pacific Northwest weather. For some reason I like the rain here — it’s calming and not at all gloomy.

I enjoy looking out the bedroom window when it rains. The nature is unstuning during this season (it was beautiful in fall!) but I think it’s cute the way droplets of rain get caught on the balcony railing and lines up on the underside.

Toy Portraits

I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a collection of toy animal portraits. Here’s the first two experiment.

This one is the Cat. He is Immi’s sometimes-bestfriend. On days when he is Immi’s favorite, he is showered with hugs and kisses and even gets to go out and see the world. When he’s not though, he waits patiently for her affection.

This one is the Bunny. He is definitely Ashland’s best-friend. It’s not an easy job being Mr. Bunny though because ‘loved’ for him means being tugged at and chewed on.

In music, I was fascinated by architecture of time — particularly the idea of time holding still. Ironically, in a still image, I seem to fancy capturing passage of time.


Stuffed Animals always look so sad to me when they are piled up like this waiting for someone to play with them.


Oskar being a cat by the window.

Oskar in the forest of chairs.

Fruit Tart

Todd brought me home a fruit tart!


My sister sent me a box of souvenir from her travels to exotic places! This bag of coffee beans so cute, I had to take a picture before it gets opened.

Th the box full of goodies (vanilla beans, saffron, tea and sugar…!) smelled so good because of frankincense. I can’t wait to fire up the charcoal.

Thank you! You really know me well 🙂