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We are at Coffee House Northwest. We had it ‘to-go’ since it was too crowded for their small space and no place to sit! …But it was completely worth is because IT’S THE BEST CUP OF WHITE MOCHA EVER. Amazing.

Todd took this photo of immi while I was browsing Dublin Bay Knitting Company (a yarn shop in Pearl District, near the coffee house) with Ashland. It’s not that I need so much yarn, but my idea is that by going to a coffee house AND a yarn shop, I can get a better sense of Portland (the three points A. home B. Coffee C. Yarn make triangulation!). Besides, I like yarn shops, it’s cozy. has been really useful to me in finding all the yarn shops near whichever coffee house. There were SEVEN yarn shops within 4 mile radius (…and this is not counting all the other craft supply places that also carry yarn) from Coffee House Northwest:O

From the 6 years growing up in Seattle, I remember not minding the rainy season much at all. But to be honest, when we considered moving here, I did wonder if the rainy season here might be depressing to us. Well, I’m happy to report that none of us mind it at all. I love the gray sky here — Portland looks lovely in it. Besides, Immi adores her rain boots!

Pink Scarf

Crochet Scarf made from fun yarn (consisting of wooly pink/red strand and sparkly multicolored yarn) with assortment of beads on the bottom. Now that I’ve started to figure out how to knit, I seem to have a new found appreciating for crocheting!

It’s really hard to photograph yarn-y things. I might one day consider taking “Photographing Your Projects” photography class at the nearby community art center I saw the other day…


We were on our way to the park (it was nice out) when a chain-smoking grumpy old lady rear ended us while we were stopped at the red light (we were the 3rd car waiting at the light!).

The cars looked to be probably ok for most part, but exchange of insurance information etc. took place which took a loooong time because the lady was grumpy and uncooperative. In the meanwhile, the sun pretty much set.

We drove through the park (it looks like a fun place to play on a nice day!), but it got a bit chilly with the sun setting. …So we went out for a coffee instead.

Here’s my mexican mocha at Common Grounds. It’s slightly spicy and totally delicious.

Soy Sauce

I made paella *inspired* seafood & saffron rice thing as a side dish for dinner today. Immi of course won’t eat it until I sprinkled kastuobushi and soy sauce on it. [Just so I’m not misleading: dinner I make — if I make it at all — don’t always have “side dish”]

Immi’s been a picky eater lately. I can get her to eat some of the veggies by sprinkling soy sauce on it. But not every veggies.

I’m not sure why she loves soy sauce so much.

She has a unique way of eating cucumber rolls — sit the sushi in the soy sauce and wait few minutes to let saturate (she only gets low sodium soy, I even diluted it water sometimes). She has an amazing patience for this especially considering she is not even three.

Immi loves ketchup too. She won’t eat anything with it, however. She just wants to eat it with a spoon.

Do let me know, if you think of a way for me to get Immi to eat variety of food!

Flying Cat

We are having Saturday coffee at Flying Cat Coffee. How could we not take a peek in here with a name like that!?

Here’s my white mocha and almond croissant. Coffee was prettier before I took a few sips before I thought to take a photo (what can I say, I really needed coffee this morning!). Whipped cream is really thick, not too sweet and completely yummy.

Children's Museum

I was completely amused watching kids play in the kid-sized fake grocery store at the Children’s Museum. All they want to do is behave exactly like adults. Honestly, it’s a bit creepy.


Immi wearing the crochet spiral scarf. Not a good photo since she won’t wear scarves indoors and she won’t stop running outdoors 😐

Toy Basket

We’ve been needing something to put Ashland’s toys in. I resisted the temptation to head out to the Container Store or some such store to buy a plastic bin (which I’ve felt wasn’t all that safe when immi was little anyways) and made this instead. It’s crochet from 3 strands of left over yarns and a super bargain yarn that I had in my stash (…which isn’t very big actually, in fact making this made my yarn supply box a lot less stuffed!). Ashland enjoys rummaging for toys:)

Yarn and Coffee

We’ve ventured out to North East of Portland because I wanted to checkout the yarn shop called Twisted. We are having coffee at Seven Virtues who serve local coffee, local pastries, and showcase local artists. Here’s Todd’s big white mocha and my little white mocha. All the espresso drinks in PDX seem to come with pretty frothy designs — am I’m being spoiled here, or is this how coffee supposed to look?

The yarn shop, was the best yarn shop I’ve been in EVER. It’s not the biggest (which will the the Yarn Garden in different part of Portland) but they have very nice selection of yarn, very cozy and happy atmosphere (and they serve huge menu of tea!), and best of all, very friendly staff! I got this pinky orangie super soft cotton yarn destined to be immi’s something.

Pin Cushion

I got this pin cushion at a thrift shop for $0.50. It was silver-plate with faded satin cushion. It was almost charming the way it was, but after some consideration, I replaced the cushion with left over wool (which is supposed to help keep pins sharp) from spinning yarn and refinished the shoe with alcohol ink. Now I have a very happy looking pin holder, which I needed since my plastic pin case broke.