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Crafty Goodies!

We were in northern part of Portland for coffee so I had the idea to stop by Knittn Kitten — a thrift shop that specializes in craft supplies. I totally loved the idea of vintage and previously-owned craft supplies since I do feel concerned about how (ironically!) consumerist and unenvironmental crafting can be, and also annoyed by mass-produced poor quality materials. That, and I just love vintage things, especially crafty things! Anyhow, what I didn’t know was what treasure trove this little shop was! I found lots of pretty things…for cheap!

The silver hoop is a vintage spring loaded embroidery hoop. I totally love it, it’s still in good condition, and seems far more functional than modern plastic ones. I always have use for pretty laces and trims! I seem to be collecting vintage knitting needles in shades of pink (They are so cute! Now I have 4 pairs!)

Close up of threads on wooden spools. I always have use for thread in different colors, but these are so cute, it’s a shame to use it up.

Completely amazing vintage glass buttons!

Fluffy yarn. Admittedly, I got them at least in part because of the cute labels. I love vintage labels and tags.

Saturday Coffee

Regular cup of coffee. It’s still special because it’s Saturday!

Coffee and Cards

I’m making coffee. We’ve been making coffee using moka pot (stainless one, not aluminum) for past few years since I hate large gadgets that sit on the kitchen counter and I had loved Chemex but it broke (along with TWO other glass teapots!) and I imagine such an item won’t last in this household. I’m having a hot cup of coffee with half&half and Todd’s is iced mocha with soy milk.

I made something not yarn related today! …A business card! I’ve redesigned it with updated imformation in GIMP. We are having a box of them printed of course, but Todd had an immediate need for it so we printed some on matte photo-paper.

Beach Once Again

We are being the repeat customers at the Cannon beach. Some days are so *blah* but it takes just a bit of spontaneity (and a lot more in effort getting over the fact that some days just aren’t meant to getting a whole lot done!) to turn things around for the better.

The sunset made the sky purple!

We found a candy shop at Seaside (a beach town about 10 minutes drive from Cannon beach)!

When I saw the shadow cast on the beach, I thought of Todd’s various shadow/reflection self-portraits, so here’s mine 🙂 I just got the hat, it fits snugly and will surely come in handy often!

This is the view from the car when Todd ran out to shoot some photos. I felt peaceful just imagining sitting here for hours to do absolutely nothing. …Which is something not likely to happen anytime soon, so I took the picture as a souvenir.

Stitch Holder

I invented something! …Sort of.

One thing that sucks a lot about knitting compared to crochetting is that it’s difficult to put down work-in-progress items casually since it has a lot of active stitches on the needle that can easily slip off. And with 2 kids, I do have to put down knitting projects really often and store it out of reach.

Anyhow, I’ve seen the double ended stitch holder (plastic needle thing with 2 end caps held together with paralell elesticky bits) and I thought it would be nice if I can 1) slip it on/off onto the actual needle, and 2) put multiple needles all in one holder so that the project doesn’t get tangled up. …So this is what I came up with:

It’s made from felt lined with interfacing (to prevent needles poking through the felt) with elastic in between the two end bits. Some decorative stitchings and sequins just for fun. It’s really self explanatory if you wanted to make one, it looks like this without the needles:

Oh, and this is a sock! …For Ashland. Because he has smallest feet of all of us, so I thought it’s a good one to practice making socks for. I’m amazed that it’s starting to look like a sock, even though the stitches are uneven in places.


We’ve been enjoying the fireplace a lot lately even though it’s not particularly cold. Miss Monroe loves the fire (Oskar doesn’t). I’m drying some yarn I spun near it though I think I’m not supposed to heat wooley things (I thought it better than staying wet for days in humidity!).


…So I’m trying to figure out how to knit socks. This is one item that really doesn’t crochet well (Crochet socks are ugly! And probably uncomfortable to wear as well).

After reading some books at the store, poking around Ravelry and the web, I decided that I want to make the socks from toe up so that I can make them as long as I can with yarn on hand (…since I believe that socks are longer the better!).

The socks I’m trying to make has “short-row” toe and heel (…whatever that means…) so that’s what I’m figuring out. Seriously, it took quite a bit of determination learning this from written instruction supplemented with a few photos). But I did eventually figure it out. Here’s the practice toe made with big needle and thick yarn (I use this little ball of yarn for practicing and unraveling over and over again). The yellow yarn is temporary stitchings (it’s crochet actually) for a technique called “provisional cast on”, it gets unraveled, discarded, and the stitches that are left behind are put on a needle at later point.

I made some knitting stitch markers with antiqued brass wire and pink glass beads.

Sunday at the Beach

We wanted to do something special for Immi’s birthday, and we had an idea to go to the beach. We just weren’t sure if we should go this weekend or the next weekend. Suddenly in the afternoon, we decided that today was the day…so we packed up and headed out.

After 1.5 hour drive from home, we got to the beach. The almost-birthday-princess splashed about along the water, Ashland hung out in the stroller, Todd photographed the sky and the ocean.

It’s a glorious day at the beach — hard to believe it’s still February!

…And then, the sun set.

Bakery Bar

We are having Saturday Coffee at Bakery Bar. It’s a really cute place and coffee is really cute too and I really want to like this place…but the coffee is completely mediocre. What can I say, we’ve probably gotten too spoiled coffee-wise living here.

Taking Photos

I came across the term “photo taking moms” and honestly I was a bit offended, admittedly because I’m one of them. But then, I decided I might as well wear the badge proudly 😀 My favorite moments to capture on camera is when Immi (a rare moment these days!) or Ashland is sleeping in day light. They always look so peaceful and there’s lots of light and they aren’t moving, so it’s an easy photographic opportunity.

Another favorite moment is kids & cats. Oskar who is in real life a really chubby cat, I think is quite photogenic 😀 And I just think that cross-specie friendship between Ashland and Oskar is so sweet. Needless to say, this is more difficult to capture on camera since there are TWO moving subjects, and there isn’t always good lighting.