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March Is

March is my favorite month in terms of crafting because it’s my birthday month, which means to me that crafting budget stretch a little and I get something special! I often use this month as an excuse to get tools and supplies necessary to learn something new (last year I got spindles and really nice fibers to learn spinning).

This year, I wanted to further my recent adventures in sock knitting, so I made Todd promise me not to get me anything else for my birthday because I wanted this super extravagant set of needles in size 2.5 mm (which I decided was a perfect size for making socks — if I only get to have 1 set…). It’s made of aircraft grade aluminum with surgically precise points. And it’s really really really nice, a whole lot easier to knit with than other needles I’ve tried, I really think that good tools make a world of difference (besides, these will last forever unlike the bamboo ones that are notorious for breaking, and my other stainless ones that keeps getting bent…not to mention BLUNT!).

…now I just need to get better at knitting! Here’s another start of a sock. I’m trying out stripes using yarn that gradually changes colors. I have no idea how the colors/stripe will turn out yet, it just might not work out at all but we’ll see!

Bubble Tea and Salt Shakers

Here’s my Birthday treat (it’s next tuesday, but that’s a silly day for a birthday so…): very yummy bubble tea from Tea Chai Té and [was] a piece of carrot cupcake.

We found these mid 30’s salt/pepper shakers today. I love glassware from depression era for their intricate patterns and very pretty translucent colors. Apparently they aren’t worth much these days since everyone saved them thinking they’d be worth something and the antique market is now flooded with them (good news to me!).

Growing Things

We started some seeds on our window sill a few weeks ago, and they have sprouted! I put some of them in lanterns hoping to protect them from our cats. The one in the glass lantern is cucumber!

Here’s the basil sprouting in the green glass oversized goblet thingie (…which we got at thrift shop for $1.50).

I’m totally loving the color green lately. Very odd thing since I’ve never thought twice about green. It just might be a spring thing.


I got immi some vintage/recycled (sounds much better than “used” doesn’t it?) plastic beads, and I thought they were quite cute in faux sparkly and obviously plasticky sort of way, so I made some more stitch markers. I thought that these plastic beads would be great for this purpose because it’s light weight even when they are quite big. My previous version of stitch markers that I had made (after some research for best stitch markers designs!) are totally great in that they don’t get in the way and are completely snag-free…but they are so small they are difficult to keep track of!

I’ve been knitting a lot more than I have to show for because I’ve been doing as much unraveling as knitting 😀 I’ve unraveled the above start of a sock too.


We have a new friend in our garden! This little spider is working up a web on our blueberry bush and the balcony railing.

Mid Week Beach

I suddenly had the brilliant idea to go to the beach around noon on Wednesday (for a little break + work retreat). Todd and Immi also thought it was a fabulous plan. With the weekday deal + last minute specials, we got a nice room at a really nice price:) And, when we got there, the receptionist had doubled booked our room accidentally, and we got upgraded to the best room they had with no extra charge!

Isn’t the bathroom vintage cute?

I totally love the bath tub! The shower stall is also a steam room :O The rest of the room is nice too, but bathrooms says a lot about a place doesn’t it?

We do realized we are becoming regulars at the beach. There’s a good reason for this. For one, Immi *loves* the beach. And we actually really really enjoy the drive. It’s just the right length for a good conversation with guarantee that immi & ashland won’t be interrupting us (they are both really good while driving) — it’s perfect for discussing and tossing around few ideas.

Besides, it’s so pretty! …And somehow we are quite sure we won’t like it here at the beach as much in the summer.

Here’s the other halves of all four of us!

Todd is taking lots of photos of starfish that are still stuck to the rock during low tide. I had no idea that starfish were so….chubby!

And we finally found a cafe here that we really really like. When I ordered cinnamon roll for immi, it came out looking like this (it’s pomegranate on top of extra icing)!


Grilled eggplant sandwich from Pearl Bakery, who makes seriously fabulous bread. When we buy a loaf, we end up eating the entire thing between three of us (Todd, Immi and I) within the day!

Crochet Purse

I finally finished making this purse I’ve been working on. Actually, it took very little time to crochet, but it took me a while before I had the time to line it (which required me to get my sewing machine out). A now, it’s too springy out for a wooley purse! Anyhow, the clasp is a vintage key.


I saw a really really cute pouch the other day at a shop, but I wasn’t about to spend $27 for such a little thing…so I added some love to the spare pouch I already had! The label is made with a rubber stamp on fabric using multi-surface ink. I pinned on vintage key and some crochet stitch markers.

I decided to use it for organizing all the crochet/knitting/sewing/embroidering notions which have been rattling around in the bottom of my crafty-project tote.

While at it, here’s the content of my portable sewing kit. It actually has everything I need for basic sewing that I never even look inside my big sewing kit anymore.


I finished the very first pair of socks! It’s Ashland sized. I used “Short-Row Toe and Heel Basic Socks” pattern in Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D. Johnson as a starting point, but it’s hardly recognizable now because I’ve recalculated the adult size socks into baby size (good to know algebra has practical use! I have yet to find any use for calculus — not that I remember any…), ribbed the top part because Ashland has chubby feet but skinny ankle, and added one row of purl above the toe to make fake seam (…to imitate mass produced socks!, it was just an idea I had and I tried it out).

It’s not perfect, but hey, it’s my first try, and it does fit Ashland pretty well!