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It’s been drizzily out these past two weeks โ€” I think that our little garden looks pretty in grey sky with droplets of rain. Todd planted this rose bush for me about 6 weeks ago and it’s already 3 times as tall as it was then!

White Mocha

The coffee house nearby doesn’t look like much from the outside, but they serve really really good coffee. It’s probably my 3rd favorite cup of coffee in Portland so far (but with added bonus of being really close to our house, plenty of seating, reliable Wi-Fi, highchair for Ashland, and really nice baristas). I know that “3rd” doesn’t sound like much of a compliment, but it really is because this town is full of yummy coffee, even regular cup of coffee at restaurants is usually decent (I would NEVER order coffee at restaurants in VA!).

Spring Project

I’ve been wanting to make spring scarf, and I thrifted a perfect yarn for it at KnittnKitten for $2.75 (It’s a thick&thin 100% cotton yarn โ€” probably handmade, the price tag underneath it says $20!)! …Of course I have this tendency to start seasonal project *during* the season rather than *before* which probably means it’ll be mid-summer by the time I finish this at the rate I’m going with it. I haven’t had much time for knitting as I’d like since I’ve been trying to redesigning my other website, but it’s almost done!

I also thrifted some vintage crochet hooks. Pink one says “hero” on it, and I thought it charming that blue one says “55ยข” โ€” for which I’ve gladly shelled out $1.50 ๐Ÿ˜€

Basil and Muffin

Our little basil is getting bigger.

And what’s left of lemon poppy seed muffin.


We are at Portland Farmers Market. It’s totally lovely outside! This is our first time coming to this particular market (there are many in Portland area, and we were going to the one more convenient for actually buying veggies and things), and it’s completely fabulous. There are many bands playing (quite good music too!) and lots of yummy things ready for eating. We were so busy eating delicious things, having very very good cup of coffee (I can’t remember the name of the vendor…but it was very good), chatting with our friend Laruen, and watching Immi&Eden run around that only photo I got of the market is this:

It’s only Monday, and I can’t wait to go back!


Here’s Oskar being sleepy.

Musical Things

…So the reason why I’ve moved this blog to this location recently is that I’ve been thinking about redesigning my main website, and decided that this [mostly craft & treats] blog is quite separate from other [mostly music & sounds site …to which I’m hoping to add new stuff to soon]. Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to create a steampunk look with a musical twist so here are few photos I took of my musical things which I might use as visual elements for the redesign.

Musicbox. I love hand crank musicboxes, it’s easily my favorite musical instrument!

Here’s my Parallax testing board, it was for my dragon marionette midi instrument I built for a class.

And here’s my bicycle gear. Todd saved it for me when he got one replaced on his bike (you can see that the edges are quite worn out). It makes very pretty sounds!