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I haven’t mentioned anything regarding our baby No.3 much lately since… well, it’s been uneventful (it’s a good thing!). I do develop connection with our babies and even get some insights into their personalities during the course of the pregnancy, but I don’t have much to say about them in words — I’ve never been much of a poet!

I’ve been going to regular check-ups and have taken all the standard tests and so far so good. We have a sonogram appointment in about 10 days at which we’ll find out if we are having a boy or a girl (…not that this is the main reason for the sonogram, but it’s really the only fun part!). I’m trying very hard to not get paranoid about this appointment since this is the point at which we were given false alarm with Ashland. I know that it was nothing more than a false alarm, but still, memory of months worth of stress is real and it doesn’t go away all that easily!

I’ve been feeling quite well in general but I’m still a bit tired and too much walking around or standing does give me really bad cramps which has definitely increased my knitting time. That, and knitting helps me de-stress and feel more balanced. The funny thing is that before immi was born, I got the impression that she was happiest when her daddy was talking to her or near her. As for Ashland, he was definitely happiest when I ate. Our little No.3 seems happiest when I’m knitting — it’s when s/he moves around the most and our connection feels the strongest.

My mom keeps asking me if I’ve gotten a lot bigger. I suppose it’s a fair question considering she hardly ever see photos of me. In early weeks, I got bigger a lot faster than I did in the first 2 pregnancies (which had me worried that I was having a twin!) but after that, I didn’t get all that much bigger (I think that I’ve remained smaller than I did with Ashland, though definitely bigger than Immi). At one point, I felt like my belly even shrunk — this baby seems to be sitting all tucked in. Lately though, I’ve suddenly gotten bigger, and I probably do look visibly pregnant though I have yet to be asked by strangers “when are you due?”.


I’ve been exploring (by trial and error) improvised style of lace knitting to produce random ‘pattern’. I love the ethereal look of lace but traditional/classic pattern just isn’t my style nor do I enjoy following complicated predetermined pattern…so I’m experimenting. I’m hoping to produce an ‘organic’ look. Here’s a little swatch made from recombinations of ssk, k, k2tog and yo (which is about as basic as lace knitting gets!). At this point, as Todd pointed out, my crafting is starting to resemble my computer music compositions!

And then when I was outside, I found this strange little patch of spider web. This is exactly the kind of stuff I want to knit!

Speaking of knitting inspirations, I’ve been watching Fraggle Rock with Immi and Ashland and there’s so much knitting in it! There’s even a knitting song in the episode called The Great Radish Famine. And Mokey (one of the main characters) is a knitter! Not to mention, many of the puppets are wearing hand-knitted looking garments — it makes me want to knit something colorful and whimsical. Too bad it’s summer!

I finished re-doing the pink scarf. I think that I do like it better knitted than crocheted.

Unravel and Wind

Ashland is *not* helping me unravel the scarf I crochet sometime ago and winding it back into a ball along with one extra strand of very thin yarn. I decided to take apart this finished project because I liked the yarn better than the item I made with it…and thought it deserved another try.

I unravel my projects often — during the design process and even then I’m “done” with it. It doesn’t bother me to unravel because number of hours I’m entertained per material cost is more important to me than cranking out lots of finished products 🙂

Heart Coffee

Todd and I decided we weren’t super happy with Stumptown coffee, not because they don’t have good coffee but because they are always sold out of the roast we like (and the ones that isn’t our favorite isn’t worth our trouble of going to get it)! Besides, this shop is now so popular that I thought we could help out other smaller roasters in town. …And after few minutes of poking around online, I found a micro roasting company called Heart. Todd picked up for me a bag of Kenya Mtaro Ruiru (they have 3 different kinds of Kenyan! And Sumatra too.)

I love the packaging, with the cute little clip on top. And the coffee is totally great too!


Todd found and got for me a huge bag full of assorted vintage buttons! I haven’t finished sorting/washing all of them yet, but here are some of them.

…some pretty ones that I especially love.

And here are pearly ones. They are mostly plastic of sorts but some of them are glass.

And here are my favorite ones — I love glass buttons far better than diamonds!

Less Than Perfect…

…But still good enough.

My afternoon in which I’m pretending to relax with the *WORST* cup of coffee I’ve ever had (no, not the local shop, you know that place whose name start with *S*. I usually don’t have too much bad thing to say about their coffee, but they really messed up this one. I even took it back and had it done again which is something I almost never do…and the 2nd drink came even worse!) and trying to knit. It’s not all that relaxing because immi is hovering about, and Ashland is about to complain that he finished his donut already. I still enjoy coffee time out though, especially on a nice day like this.

…And here’s my lunch. I was too tired to make anything fancy, so hot dog it is. I rarely eat these things even though we keep stock of them all the time for immi who hardly ever eats any other kind of protein type foods. And it’s on a regular slice of bread, not even a hot dog bun. And sweet onions are chopped really sloppily (you might think that onions on a hot dog is weird, but I like it! It’s my fresh version of relish which I don’t like, or sauerkraut which I never have around). At least the ketchup is organic, and the mustard is locally made smoky garlic mustard which is completely delicious.

Fuzzy Yarn

I got the vintage mohair yarn (it’s 85% mohair and 15% vinyon) out of my little stash box and wound it into a ball to use.

I’ve never worked with mostly-mohair yarn. I thought I can’t go wrong experimenting with it since I got this yarn for $2! I love the way mohair yarn looks, but honestly it’s not the softest yarn.


Scene from the morning. Miss Monroe found the coziest spot. Todd has a pillow over his head because Ashland is singing. He is singing a happy tune, but he is LOUD!


The roses are blooming in our garden! Apparently one of Portland’s numerous nicknames is “City of Roses”. And for a good reason — there are roses blooming every where, even in neglected sidewalks.

Such a happy color rose, but it still manages to look a bit melancholic under the grey sky.

These roses smell very very nice and have fluffy petals!


I feel like I haven’t finished any crafty items lately. I have some very slow going Work-In-Progress projects. I guess I’ve just been a bit preoccupied and scatter brained!

Here’s the sock. I’m not sure how the rest of the sock will stripe because there’s still a green bit in the yarn that have yet to make an appearance (you can see it in the middle of the ball of yarn). I’m making it stripe by alternating yarn pulled out from center and yarn that’s unwrapped from the outside of of the same ball.

And here’s the scarf. It’s about 1/3 of the way done. I’m hoping to make it long-ish. It’s been chilly enough for a scarf lately, but I’m sure that it will be suddenly hot outside should I manage to finish it anytime soon.

And here’s my spinning project, I only get done about few inches a month it seems (because it requires my full attentions, something I rarely have!). I’m making a core-spun yarn (fluffy fiber is spun around the “core” — I’m using cotton crochet thread for this) that has fluffy thick bits and tightly spun thin bits. This technique seems to be quite popular for yarn spun on a spinning wheel, but I searched through the internet for spindle version of the technique and didn’t find anything. It wasn’t too difficult to  figure out how to work it on a spindle but it’s really time consuming process.