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Sheep, Fiber and Yarn

One of the vintage toys we received in the mail from Immi & Ashland’s grandparents is a little sheep from the Fisher-Price Family Farm set. It’s a strange thing how knitting/crocheting has ultimately made me appreciate sheep as unique and wonderful creatures!

Here’s a close-up. I’m guessing this sheep is about 30 years old.

…And just for fun, here’s a modern sheep toy:

Granted, these two sheep appear to be of different breeds (the first one is a domestic sheep? and second one merino maybe?) its amusing to me how so different they are!

And as long as I’m posting pictures of plastic sheep, here’s some totally lovely fiber I got for spinning:

It’s very soft and fluffy:

And I’m trying to make something with the yarn I finally finished spinning. I guess it’ll be a light scarf since I only have 2 ounce.


Salad I had at the market was totally delicious! Lettuce, wheatberries, and chickpeas topped with lamb. I think I’ll try making wheatberries at home, I haven’t only because I know that they take long time to cook, but they are totally yummy in salads — I think it might be worth it!


For some reason, I’ve been in mood to organize these past few days (I’ve also been feeling less tired finally!). I took advantage of this to excavate my desk in our office/studio (Todd and I share this room though we each have a desk) which was buried under random *stuff* — I hadn’t been using this space since I’ve moved my big studio computer out into the living room for the time being (due to my laptop dying…). And even though it’s missing my computer for it to be a functional music studio, I now have organized crafting space for the first time since we moved to Portland!

These are my little crafting friends who hang out on the studio monitor under the scraggly tree: Craftie-Demon, Miss-Yarn-To-Be, and Sew-So-Pretty-Pony (she has a pink button tattoo on her hip). The sheep and pony were Immi’s I snatched for myself.


I got a totally comfortable and very pretty summer dress at a serious bargain price…which of course meant that some minor alteration was required. I don’t have the skill to do this for a more complicated dress but for a simple one like this, I got it to fit me well just by taking in the side seam a bit at the top of the dress (did this with sewing machine to save time) and shortening the strap (by hand, some things are much more neatly done this way!).

Making Soap

I made some soap because somehow we didn’t have any more left in our supply closet! Soap making is more of Todd’s craft, but he’s been really busy so I whipped up just a few by my self. This one smells like citrus.

…And this one smells like lavender.

It’s all natural except for color blue and green in the first soap. The clear soap base is soy and the white one is goat’s milk. The pearly-ness in the first one and the gold shimmer in the second one are both cosmetic grade mica and they are both scented with natural essential oils.

We Are Having…

A boy! I was wrong (once again!) in guessing girl.

The baby NO.3 was very cooperative during the sonogram appointment and all the necessary measurements were gotten swiftly, his gender determined easily, and he even posed for us for 3D scan portrait! Here’s what he looks like now. Some how I think that he doesn’t look much like Immi or Ashland.

I was looking forward to sewing/knitting girly frilly pink baby things…but I guess I don’t get to do that! I’m glad he’s a boy though — I think that it all makes sense and I couldn’t have planned it better. Here are some reasons why I think it perfect:

1. Immi will remain the *only* princess in the house (which will definitely suit her personality). 2. Ashland and No.3 will be close together in age, so hopefully they will be best friends! 3. Whatever clothing item that survives Ashland’s abuse (there won’t be much…) can go straight to his little brother. And it won’t be long before same toys will be “age appropriate” for both of them. 4. Boys are (more boring but…) easier to dress. They seem to only need shirts and pants and most boy-colors mix-match well.


Our garden isn’t doing as well as it had in Virginia — I think that we don’t get enough sun on this balcony and we’ve has unseasonably cooler spring and summer (which I’m very very happy about). Besides, we’ve been too busy to put much effort into gardening. Most of the herbs we planted are looking a bit puny and the tomato plant really hasn’t gotten much bigger in past several months. The strawberries are doing okay and they’ve started to ripen.


We ventured out to the Saturday Market (which is oddly open both Sat/Sun!). I got german sausage on a bun with grilled onions, peppers and sauerkraut. Yum — especially the sauerkraut which was very fresh and crunchy!

Coffee time at Heart Roasters. I got americano. It was so completely delicious that I wished I had gotten a bigger cup!

Pink Donuts

Todd came home late last night from a work related event with a big pink box full of donuts! He told me that he got me *pink ones* — surely color isn’t how donuts should get chosen… They are really cute though.

These are from Voodoo Doughnuts. I love that they hand-stamp their philosophy on to otherwise plain pink box (it doesn’t even have their store name on it…).