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Sauvie Island Farms

We spent our Saturday at Sauvie Island which is a cluster of farms (many of these farms have veggies and fruit picking) and markets just 20 minutes drive from our place. It’s the most beautiful summer’s day in Portland — not too hot in the sun, not too cold in the shade and with blue sky and perfect breeze.

Pretty flowers (you can cut these yourself to purchase by the bunch).

There are sunflowers too.

And then we drove around the island for a few minutes and found a U-Pick farm (they grow all kinds of fruits and veggies that can be picked and paid for by the weight — like a grocery store that grows on earth). Blueberries and Blackberries are in season now!

These are the most gorgeous black berries ever, and they taste amazing!

We were told that blueberry season is ending soon, but we still found plenty of delicious blueberries.

It makes me happy that, living here in Portland,  our kids get to experience simple and wonderful things about nature — like that yummy things grow on earth (and not in grocery stores pre-washed and packaged in plastic!) and that ever changing edible blessings comes with continuously cycling seasons.

Instant Collage

Todd was telling me about HDR imaging technology that’s getting more commonly featured on digital cameras and I suddently remembered reading about multiple exposure (…from what I can vaguely gather, multiple exposure might be one element of HDR technology but not all of it) setting on my camera in the user’s manual. And I thought to have fun with it for few moments.

…But I don’t own a tripod (I want one!) which means that I can’t make use of this multi-exposure thing in the manner that it’s generally intended. So, I tried layering obviously different images (instead of exact same ones exposed differently). It’s nothing you can’t do with several regular images in photoshop or some such software but I do enjoy instant fun sometimes!

Here’s one made from three exposures of different parts of my work-in-progress wrist cuff:

And here’s for a more subtle effect — composite of a spool of thread on the table with the back of the vintage hand mirror (which I got for $0.50!!):

And inside of the mechanical clock in the dimly lit (with blue light) room (aka our office/studio at night):

LOVE Cuff and Chocolate

I wanted a project that I can start and finish in one sitting, so I assembled this wrist cuff mostly from scraps that were already on my desk. It only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish because I used sewing machine to do all the stitching except for the buttons and I didn’t bother with making clean seams (it’s meant to fray a little with wear).

The word ‘LOVE’ is stamped onto fabric using fabric ink, and the rest of it is scraps of fabrics, bits of laces and vintage buttons.

I found this chocolate on my desk. Todd got it for me probably because the packaging is cute and it has toffee in it.


Todd’s picking up pizza for us and we (Immi, Ashland and I) are waiting in the car. I rolled down the window to snap this fun junktique shop located on Hawthorne.

I never get bored of waiting in the car in fun areas of Portland, there’s so much to see even if I don’t step out!


Here’s my current spinning project using this fiber. I’ve added small amount (probably about 0.3oz — the main batt is 3.6 oz) of colorful fiber and also some sparkly synthetic fibers (not because I didn’t like it the way it was, but I wanted to have better chance at having enough yarn to make something with it!).

I’ve had really bad migraine for past 2+ weeks (I think it’s finally going away!). And absolutely nothing helped except for spinning this very happy color yarn (because it’s meditative??). My OB prescribed me narcotic type pain meds (supposed to be safe for the baby…) but she told me it’ll make me loopy and I shouldn’t be in charge of kids by myself while on it — since such a solution won’t help me at all, I’ve left the prescription unfilled. It looks like I’m making pink yarn again in the photo, but it’s mostly not pink, I promise!

Fruits and Veggies

We went to the Farmer’s Market in Beaverton today and had a good time getting some fruits and veggies even though it was definitely a bit too hot (summer weather like this has been rare in Portland — I suppose I should enjoy them even though I prefer chillier overcast days…). Here’s some grapes we found, it’s the bestest grapes I’ve ever had — EVER!

We got some gorgeous artichokes!

And mysterious looking purple peppers! I’ve never seen purple peppers, but it does indeed smell like a very yummy pepper.


We’ve had what feels like a really long week and decided to finish off our Friday with a spontaneous adventure! We were looking for entry points to the massive Forest Park‘s (5,100 acres inside of Portland!) hiking trails with car parking spots for future hiking missions.

We are making the loop around the park and ended up in a neglected sort of industrial area.

…And we passed by the bridge that crosses over into Washington State!


I noticed this morning that there’s mushrooms growing in our rosemary pot! They are of course uninvited guests…but so cute, aren’t they?

Wrist Cuff and a Little Treat

I’m currently working on a wrist cuff. I’ve made quite a few masculine ones in the past for Todd but nothing feminine despite numerous ideas that crossed my mind. So here’s my very first work-in-progress of decidedly feminine wrist-cuff! Everything on it is reclaimed or vintage. I’ve dyed all the lacey bits except for one element (bet you can’t tell which!) in coffee (and vinegar to set the color) for a worn-out look. I’ll probably still move things around on it a bit before it’s done.

And here’s my little treat. It’s a tiny orange meringue puff with strawberry cream in the middle. It’s impossibly fluffy and completely delicious.

Mechanical Clock

I found this clock at a thrift shop and said “Hey Todd, I found for us an alarm clock!” (we don’t have any clock since we’ve moved to Portland other than ones part of computers, phones and microwave). Of course I was totally kidding when I said this — I mean it’s obviously broken — but then wondered if it had gears in it for taking apart and making steampunk inspired jewelry with.

…And gears it had! Lots of pretty brass ones!

But actually it makes several very pretty sounds and it’s so much fun to watch the gears move that I can’t bear to take it apart. So I’ll keep it like this at least until I get a chance to record these sounds (…or this one just might have to stay like this and I’ll find another one to take apart!).