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Happy Halloween! The weather was actually nice today (not nearly cold enough to need a jacket, some blue sky, and no rain!) so we decided to venture out to THE Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island.

Immi is a Halloween Faery today.

And Ashland is a Dracula. (I know Draculas in movies don’t have tridents, but I thought it’s only fair since Immi gets a faery wand).

There were of course pumpkin patches everywhere on Suvie Island…

…But who wants to get muddy in pumpkin patches (we saw people coming out of corn maze, hay rides, and pumpkin patch completely covered in mud probably because it had rained yesterday!) when we can frolic in fields of flowers?

The field was beautiful in slightly macabre sort of way that is autumn, with flowers in various stages of life cycle — some still trying to bloom despite the cooler weather…

…And others decaying.

Immi and Ashland didn’t get any candies, but we stopped by a cafe on the way home where Immi got hot chocolate and Ashland got chocolate chip cookie.

Princess Wand

I made a faery princess wand for immi. She’s gone through many many wands over past few years (it’s easily one of her favorite toys) because they break all the time! I got tired of store bought wands getting irreparably broken only to end up in the landfill, so I made one that’s less fragile (and anyhow easily repaired with things I already have on hand). The stick portion is made from a light weight but quite solid aluminum tube so I don’t think that it’ll be cracking anytime soon. The star is wool-felt — it should be reasonably safe for immi to wave around.


I’ve been in the mood for embroidery lately — which is kinda silly since it’s a perfect knitting weather! I just finished this one stitched on a canvas tote. The design is from Urban Threads, though I’ve modified a few little things.

I watched first half of the movie Bright Star 2 days ago on instant Netflix (I went to add it to the cue and found it on instant!). This is one of very very few movies I actually considered going to the movie theater for in the past several years (I’ve come to dislike movie theaters for various reasons). What peaked my interest about this film is the reportedly carefully put together needlework scenes and I have yet to finish watching the film but the needlework shots are amazingly beautiful and probably was worth viewing in the theater.

Week 35

Firstly, can I just say I’m so glad to have my computer in working order? Pretty much immediately after I got everything working on it (thanks to Todd who went down the list and did everything for me knowing that I’d put it off forever) Immi bumped into my cup of tea which splashed onto the keyboard. …And unfortunately, it did do some quite serious damage. But the Apple store people were so very nice and fixed it for me free of charge (Out of sympathy I suppose! I mean this thing is literally BRAND NEW!) despite that accidental damage like this isn’t covered under warranty.

Anyhow, we had a prenatal appointment today, I’m 35 weeks along today. The baby No.3 is moving around healthily and has very good heartbeat which Immi seems to really enjoy listening to. According to the cervical exam, I’m already 2 cm along and the doctor said that the baby is sitting really really low. Now this isn’t exactly a problem, medically speaking. But we are totally not ready to have him yet, so hopefully he’ll choose to stay in for a while longer. I just might have to spend larger portion of my day sitting around, I get sensations that the baby wants to fall out of me when I walk around.

My mom who had  been visiting us from Japan left yesterday, and I miss having her around already — thank you for coming! She helped us improve many things during her short stay. One notable thing I’m really excited about being bath towels. We never minded that our towels don’t match, but we’ve been really unhappy about it taking 160 minutes or so to dry in the dryer and that we can’t really ever re-use them since they don’t dry in between use. Actually I would have never thought to try anything different to solve this annoyance if it weren’t for that she mentioned towels in Japan dry much better. So after some considerations, she got us these really thin but very absorbent and totally luxurious Turkish bath towels. We’ve tried them out already, and they are lovely to use (and to look at!) and take less than 15 minutes in the dryer. Not to mention, it’ll save us a lot of room in the closet and in electricity bill.

Hey There!

Please do pardon my absence! It’s not baby related, don’t worry or get excited or whatever have you. I’ve put my big computer back where it belongs in the studio and trying to set up my new laptop (I suppose my to-do list for getting ready for a new baby maybe somewhat unconventional!). But there’s a few boring and tedious things I need to figure out like how to organize (and what to do with in general) my photo archive which is starting to get quite huge before I can start anything new.

Some things going on around here:

My mom is visiting us right now! It’s been really nice having her here.

Yesterday was our first anniversary of our move to Portland — we can’t believe it’s been a year already!

And today, I’m 34 weeks along and 6 more weeks to go till due date. When the date nears, I always feel like there’s about a million things I want to get done and 10 times that which I need to get done. With previous two pregnancies, the days I finally felt/decided that nothing is so important that they can’t be done after the baby is born were the days immi and ashland were born. …So until then, I suppose I’ll be battling my to-do list (which mostly involves sitting around tired and feeling like I should be doing something more useful).

Across the River

We thought it’d be daring to cross the river and step onto Washington State. Our destination point: a little cafe. Quite anti-climatically, it only took us 20 minutes drive (thought it’s quite fun to drive over the big bridge). We are standing on Washington side of the river looking over at Oregon.

Tiny flower growing by the river. I love cute little wild flowers!

And more flowers:

In my absent mindedness, I can’t even remember the name of the coffee shop we went to, but it was tastefully cozy with very well-kept corner for kids to play in. However, it didn’t occur to us until then, that it’s probably silly to venture into WA state just for coffee because of tax! There’s no sales tax in Oregon — which is totally amazing, but something we’ve already been taking for granted.


We were at Heart Coffee picking up some coffee beans when I saw the barista making a cup of coffee using this geekiest looking gadget. It’s called Siphon Coffee Maker. It’s not exactly a practical method of coffee brewing at home (no matter how perfect a cup of coffee it produces!) for a family with little kids running about (it requires constant monitoring and butane burner) but Todd, Immi and I enjoyed watching it, and I really appreciate Portlanders’ genuine passion in pursuit of perfect cup of coffee.

We got a bag of Sumatra Blue Batak and Ethiopia Limu Niguse — they both smells very yummy. (We really got to get Ashland’s new seat installed in the car! He still meets weight requirement, but he’s definitely getting a bit too tall for it.)