Lucian has been a very convenient baby. He hardly ever makes a fuss, eats well and sleeps well. He likes being held, but doesn’t complain much when he is not. …And, I was very pleased to find that he enjoys being in a sling!

I made this grey ring sling (I used thick-ish jersey knit fabric, zigzag stitches to accommodate stretchy-ness of the fabric and these rings) before Ashland was born (because Immi and I loved this style of sling, and my homemade one was a lot more comfortable than the fancy store bought counterpart). But I hardly used them with Ashland because he was far too wiggly for this type of sling.

When Lucian is in the sling, it’s hard for me not to peek into it and imagine if he was snugly curled up just like this in utero.

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  1. Cool! I love that you made it yourself!

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