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Just a Note…

We just wanted to let you know that Perpetual Tea Party and all of our other sites will be offline for a short while (a few days to a week or so) during our move to a new hosting. Our sites have grown over the years and we are moving to a bigger digital home! Unfortunate side effect to this (due to our use of google apps with our domain) our usual e-mail addresses will not be working during this migration process. If mail you send us bounces back at you, save it and send it later, or alternately, FB, twitter, skype or call us!

See you in a bit!!

Soup and Lots of Yarn

We made a pot full of chicken & dumpling soup! It doesn’t look like much, but the flavor is all in the soup stock (due to the magic of simmering entire chicken and some choice veggies for a long time!) 🙂 When the dumpling is broken off into pieces, the soup turns creamy and thicker in texture.

Todd found me this huge assortment of yarn for $9.99 — lucky lucky me!!

Stitching Textures

I had been wanting to learn some embroidery stitches to create textures like the ones I see in antique needlework, but haven’t had any project to try them in, so I had an idea to do a sampler. This way, I can practice many different kinds of stitches as I find them!

The black stitches in the leaf shape is called Van Dyke Stitch — they are supposed to be stitched close together for solid filled effect but I made it open so that you can see the Running Stitches (the regular boring stitch) in gold under neath it. The stitches next to the leaf which frames the metal button is based on Shisha embroidery (I’ve simplified the stitches because after some experimentation, I preferred a simpler look for this).

This area on the top left corner of the fabric is called Burden Stitch and I’ve used it to hold 2 pieces of frayed fabric in place.

It’s nice having a project that has no real use but I can enjoy learning something new on for few minutes (since that’s all I have most of these days!).

Mending and Baking

Todd brought me his jeans that had belt loop rip off of it (leaving a small frayed area) and asked me if it can be mended. I like a good challenge so I gave it a try. I remembered seeing a stitch called “darning stitch” in a vintage embroidery book, and I figured it must have once been used for darning (…and a bit of googling proved me right!). Anyhow, here’s the little hole in the jeans mended with darning stitch and I’m about to re-attach the belt loop.

I’ve been baking dark & white chocolate chip cookies lately. My cookies look a lot better (rounder and more evenly sized) now that I have a perfect ice cream scoop (I found it for $0.99 at thrift shop — it’s totally great, simple solid metal construction …unlike modern ones that are metal plated plastic with bulky rubber handles :O) for making dough balls with.


Lately, most of the time not spent on being the *CEO of Our Household* (sounds much better than SAHM or Homemaker doesn’t it?), I’ve been working at my computer… and while making digital things is satisfying, I do miss crafting! So I made a point to take a few minutes to finish up the sheath for my embroidery scissors which I started before Lucian was born. It’s made from wool felt, embroidered with cotton thread, and lined with interfacing to make it more durable since embroidery scissors are very pointy!

I’m trying to re-engineer the process of laundry, dishes, and cleaning to maximize efficiency because I want to get these things all done, and still have time to play with kids and everything else I need/want to do. At the moment, I’m concentrating on reducing the amount of stuff we have around.