Stitching Textures

I had been wanting to learn some embroidery stitches to create textures like the ones I see in antique needlework, but haven’t had any project to try them in, so I had an idea to do a sampler. This way, I can practice many different kinds of stitches as I find them!

The black stitches in the leaf shape is called Van Dyke Stitch — they are supposed to be stitched close together for solid filled effect but I made it open so that you can see the Running Stitches (the regular boring stitch) in gold under neath it. The stitches next to the leaf which frames the metal button is based on Shisha embroidery (I’ve simplified the stitches because after some experimentation, I preferred a simpler look for this).

This area on the top left corner of the fabric is called Burden Stitch and I’ve used it to hold 2 pieces of frayed fabric in place.

It’s nice having a project that has no real use but I can enjoy learning something new on for few minutes (since that’s all I have most of these days!).

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  1. Pretty! I especially like the leaf and the woven look of the Burden Stitch.

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