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Mix Match Flatware

A short while ago, I had an idea to collect assortment of vintage flatware for a mix match set for everyday use. Ironically, we actually have really nice matched sets (2 of which has been dormant in cabinet) but none of them are perfect for our needs and I got Todd to agree with me that this would be fun and functional. …So we’ve gone out utensil-hunting on wintery weekends and now we have enough of everything to replace our boring set!

I’m curating the collection by quality and not by style. It makes me very happy — it’s like a museum at the dinner table — but I can easily see if some people were really bothered by the assorted look.

I’m looking forward to adding to the collection over time!


I made this bracelet (vintage key and buttons, chain and just the bar portion of a toggle clasp)…

…because Todd found for me all these keys!


It’s 2 weeks late but… Happy New Year! This site is back up (Sparklandia is going to take just a bit longer) and I’m glad to say that migration of our digital homes have been a bit tedious but Todd and I are glad for having had the opportunity to clean up the digital clutter that we’ve created over the years!

It’s been chilly and drizzly out so we’ve been staying in a lot with fire in our fireplace. Kids don’t seem to mind it though. Immi’s been painting a lot.

And we’ve set up a little art space for Ashland. He loves crayons! We got rid of huge container full of assorted crappy crayons and got a small set of really nice non-toxic (sans paper wrappers!) big triangular crayons. We’ve all been much happier for it. We thrifted the metal bowl for the crayons — it’s solid cast aluminium which makes it perfect for the purpose (light weight but unbreakable!).

As for end of 2010 activities…we made trail mix!

…and had totally fabulous pumpkin tart.

…Winter Faeries (that would be Todd and I) came while kids were sleeping and got rid of all the crappy toys and replaced them with just a few nice (environmentally mindful, durable and safe) ones.

…and I watched Lucian get bigger and bigger by the minute.