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Spindle Spun Scarf and Strange Dream

Now that it’s almost spring, I finally finished the crochet scarf made from the yarn I spun sometime ago.

I woke up from a strangest dream last night. It was slightly nightmare-ish in that it was dark and accompanied by doom-ish feeling. In the dream, the entire forest (which is perpetually nighttime) is a resonating box where it is completely silent except for that every motion in it translated into a sonic emotion. In my dream when I discovered this, I danced (except it wasn’t really me, and I was watching “me” as a third person)  and the forest made music. The funny thing is that I can probably recreate this sound, if I wanted to. And if I wanted to go one step further, I even have friends who knows all about motion(dance) triggering sounds (Hi! I miss you!!). But for now, I’m content just knowing I can, and have no intention of realizing it actually. But seriously, how does my brain come up with these strange things? This isn’t the first musical dream either. I heard music in my dream when I was in high school. Few years later in college, I figured out that the strange music in my dream made use of quintal harmony (and I did recreate it for a project!).

Fuzzy Gloves

I finished the fingerless gloves! They worked up really quickly due to the yarn being very thick.

The cute little owl is just a photo prop since I thought that the gloves were  plain looking. He is quite heavy for his small size being solid brass. I found him on my first date with Lucian shortly after he was born (Todd and I were working at a cafe with big kids at home with their grandmom, Lucian grumbled a bit so I walked around with him in the sling to put him back to sleep). I’m nostalgic for that time already when he was still small[-ish] (such a silly thing, since that was less than 3 months ago!). It hurts my back just thinking about carrying him around in a sling now since he’s gotten so big so fast!

Oh and I’m modeling the gloves in the photo, but it does fit Todd’s hands — we actually have similarly sized hands (and besides, these things are stretchy).

Cloudy Sunday Knitting

Having some tea and knitting arm warmers (or fingerless gloves, whichever way you call it). These ones are for Todd, he wears arm warmers everyday not for warmth but for making his wrists more comfortable when he is using laptop. The white stitches are temporally — I’m going to see if I can figure out how to make thumb holes in them shortly.

A photo like this one is somewhat deceptive, isn’t it? It looks like I’m hanging out in this moment for a long long time but in reality, it lasts only a short while.  Besides, it looks quiet but in actuality, Lucian is hiccuping in the swing next to me very loudly.

Princess Bracelet

I made a princess bracelet for immi because it’s her FOURth birthday! It’s a vintage child-sized bracelet to which I’ve added a bow made from fancy trim and a red button and about 6 inch tail of seam-binding and ric-rack.

I can’t believe Immi is so grown up already.

Blooming Tea

I wanted to show you the scarf I [would have] finished using spindle spun yarn, but I was just a teeny bit short of the yarn and I have to re-work the last section with less yarn-consuming stitch. …So only thing I’ve made recently is a cup of tea!

It’s an Earl Grey blooming tea (which is unusual I think…) brewed completely casually in a mug because our glass teapot broke a long time ago and haven’t since thought to replace it (because that was the *3rd* glass tea pot that fell victim to our granite kitchen counter).

The totally cute tea spoon is thrifted of course. Best $0.32 ever spent in my opinion!

When It’s Quiet Here

Immi is content playing in her room by herself and Ashland & Lucian are both napping so I’m spending precious few moments of quiet getting acquainted with Paulina Tarot — the newest addition to my tarot collection.

I’ve been collecting and learning tarot since early teens and it’s something I find myself going back to even though there are times I don’t even think about it for a while. Paulina Tarot is not just very pretty but also quite insightful, I think that it will become my new favorite.