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We’ve been wanting to work on our garden but weather isn’t really in the mood for it! Amusingly though, our strawberry has survived through winter (it looks like it’s going to flower soon!) as has the rose which seems to just grow without much care here. Here’s apple mint we got at the farm recently awaiting trans-potting.


Stitching Colors

I’ve been working on this very small embroidery (hoop is 3in diameter). I think it’s done, though something like this I can keep adding stitches indefinitely!

This was a sort of color exercise for me, I picked few colors I didn’t necessarily like or thought would go together and then tried to make it work. Trying to broaden my use of colors!


Perfect Button

I was totally excited to find perfect button in my vintage button stash for a hand sewn/quilted bag I’m working on!


Herb Farm

We made use of gorgeous spring weather to go to a herb farm. I don’t even know if my parents know this, but I really enjoyed going to the herb farm every year growing up in Seattle. I imagine the reason why I love the “garden chic” look despite that I’m a lousy gardener is because of that place. Anyhow, few minutes of poking around internet found us Red Ridge Farms located in Willamette Valley area which is famous for Oregon wineries. It would have been a 30 minute drive, but we forgot to make an exit and took a detour. This turned out to be a fun adventure because got to go on a two minute ferry ride just to cross the river!

There were lots of  beautiful farm lands on the way.

Pretty vista from Red Ridge Farm.

I found cute little horsetails (I had to look it up, I just learned that’s what its called)!

We got cheese plate so that we can enjoy the sunshine. Immi loved the mini-pickles (why are they called gherkins? such a silly word!).

This little pot of daisy (? I’m not sure if it’s daisy) had the most beautiful colors ever. It was very modestly priced too, but I’m not good with flowers so I just took a picture and we got small pots of basil and rosemary for our garden.


Mobile for Lucian

I made a found object mobile for Lucian because we got the impression he would enjoy such a thing.


It looks like I can blog from my phone! (If you can see this post, it means it worked!) Wether this is useful or not, we shall see! Now I can post photos *obviously* taken with iPhone with ease:D

Cotton Pillows

I made 3 pillow covers. This was a much needed project since the ones we were using (they were red, orange, and yellow silk from Thailand) were getting rather shabby (I’m not one of those people who have pillows for decorative purpose so they get used and abused on daily basis!).

It’s made from utility cotton which is quite thick, loosely woven and with lots imperfections (which is the reason why I love it!). I was going to hand stitch the entire item, but I ended up doing inside seams by machine to finish them up quickly when I had an opportunity to hangout with my sewing machine (Todd was out at a show and all the kids went to sleep early).

Here’s Lucian testing them out for comfort! I stitched a varying line on each pillow with embroidery thread.

Saturday Cupcakes

I had been meaning to go seek out some cupcake shops around Portland for over a year…and finally, our very first Cupcake adventure! We went to Cupcake Jones in Pearl district and got a dozen mini-cupcakes.(Weird lighting due to photo taken in the car while Todd ran into the store to pick up a few items!)

Here’s red velvet cupcake (which immi decided was her’s and ate TWO).

And this one is vanilla. I really liked this one!

These cupcakes were really really yummy (and pretty too!) — best cupcakes I have ever had…but that’s probably because we haven’t had much proper cupcakes 😀 I’m looking forward to sampling all the cupcake shops around town over time. Living in Portland, I have come to loose interest in finding “best” of anything since there are so many very very yummy things to eat and pretty places to go to that the deciding on which is “best” is just silly. I love all the variety that makes PDX so exciting!


We made use of the perfect weather to go to  Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. I guess I’ve forgotten to realize that it’s definitely spring (weather has been strange here — it sprinkled snow 2 days ago!).

Needless to say, there were lots of tulips.

But I  really loved the gears on their collection of antique tractors!

These gears look heavy and I love the colors of the peeling paint too.

Tulips aren’t really my favorite of flowers but the field was lovely and kids had lots of fun. The Pacific Northwest makes me love spring, not because it rains a lot in winter (which I don’t mind at all) but because it really is beautiful here. And I’m grateful for Immi, Ashland and Lucian — without them, I probably would just spend all my leisure time indoors with tea and craft and miss out on such a perfect day.


I’ve seen beautifully tattered antique needlebooks (made from leather and muslin and such) and was inspired to make my version one cloudy Sunday in which we decided to stay home and do nothing much (which is something we almost never do!). It’s basically a needle organizer which I’ve been needing since I have been, increasingly lately, working with variety of fabric/thread that requires appropriate needles.

The cover is wool felt onto which I have needle-felted more colorful wool onto,  embroidered, and sewn the little vintage key.

I made assorted pages with fabrics that are appropriate for needles they are holding. This one is regular quilting cotton and holds my quilting needle (on top left) and general purpose sewing needle (bottom left).

This is the page for embroidery needles.

And I’m feeling totally smug about this page which holds ballpoint needle for sewing knit fabric made from jersey knit fabric (organized on this page, now I can easily tell them apart from other needles even though they don’t look much different).

These are my assorted crappy quality needles for craft purpose (like if there’s nothing else appropriate, or sewing paper or something).

And this is the page for my *extreme* needles.

I punched 3 holes and added eyelets to each page and then bound it with lacey seam binding. This is what all the pages look like from the side.

There are more pages, but you get the idea.

Fish-Lizzard Thingie

This is what I’m currently stitching (along with accumulating number of WIPs!). It’s artwork for music by my dear friend (which you should go check out!). I saw the this fantastic fish-lizzard monster thingie and wanted to stitch him up. I usually use water soluble pen to mark the image on to fabric but these lines were too detailed so I got out my 0.05mm permanent archival ink pen — I just had to be careful not to make any mistake.

*Stitched with permission

And here’s Oskar posing for me while I figure out the camera features of my new phone. After all, people get iPhone for taking pictures right? The picture is fuzzy because I neglected to take clear film off the back which I didn’t realize at the time was covering the lens…