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One of Billion Parks

The weather was ambiguous so we had no plan to go to a park, but then after treating the kids to treats at a cafe, it was quite nice out so we pulled into a nearest park from where we spontaneously mused some sunshine time.

There’s like a billion parks in and around Portland, if we had looked up for a park, we would have never found this one. But it turned out to be such a gem! There isn’t any impressive play structure here (who needs those anyways?) but beautiful mossy trees surrounds a small grassland.

Each of these trees have such character!

I adore the moss on the bark.

And the grassland is full of cute little white flowers.

The picnic area had a grill onto which someone have stenciled “Knowledge is Power.” Random, much?

There’s Faeries For Everything

I’m stitching “There’s faeries for everything.” on immi’s functional but boring belt. With coffee of course, by the window in the evening.


Crafting Serendipitously

When I saw the cute little brass candle holder for $0.99 while thrifting, I immediately wanted to make it into a pin cushion. It had been sitting on my desk when I noticed that the base screws off, which I thought was such an opportunity to thread something onto it. I found 2 hex nuts that fit, which wanted to be covered with crochet with vintage crochet thread I happen to acquire recently. And few more random inspirations and serendipitous happenings later, I ended up with this strange little pin cushion. The cushion portion is needle felted wool. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I suppose it’s definitely one-of-a-kind.

I’m wanting a knitting project, since I haven’t been knitting much lately. I found this rainbow color yarn and immediately thought of Immi and her Carebears. I’m knitting some test patches to see what I want to make with it. I never make swatches but this yarn is a bit weird — it’s a single spun 100% synthetic fiber (I guess cute cheap yarn gets me poor quality…), and also I need to figure out how big each color stripe would be.


Moss Garden

When Todd and I were having a “lazy work day” (in which we pretend to be relaxing while we actually get a lot done, surely you know what I mean!?). I suddenly got it in my head that I totally want to plant some moss in our garden. I’ve always loved mossy garden, but I never really thought it’s something that can be “planted”. After some googling around, I found that you can in fact “plant” moss. I found some resources regarding how this is done and even some suppliers (not that I was planning on committing to buying anything). And then it occurred to me, that there’s moss everywhere around us (I keep telling you, I love Portland!)! So I scooped up a trowel full of moss by our front door and brought it into our balcony.

It would be lovely to have an entire garden full of mossy growth (I’d take moss for grass any day!) but since what we have at the moment is a potted garden, I made a mini moss garden in a pot, complete with fake mushroom! I pretty much ignored all the things I learned about how to transplant moss in lieu of experimentation (after all, moss grows naturally here!). If it fails, I’ll just try again. It’s been few days, and it’s still looking good.

Crochet Buttons & Tiara

For some reason I’ve gotten back in to doing crochet! I’m not sure what I’ll do with this, but I made crochet covered vintage shank-style button. It’s made from regular thread and smallest hook I had.



I got the impression that Immi wanted a tiara (she kept making “crown” out of all sorts of things with mixed result — mixed in that most of them won’t stay on her head for long) so I improvised up one with some cheap yarn on hand and crochet hook. She seems to like it!


Crafty Wonderland

We finally made it to Portland’s bi-annual craft fair — Crafty Wonderland! When Todd asked me if I wanted to go to this event by myself, I told him we should all go together. I said this thinking that Lucian would sleep/hangout in his infant seat on the stroller, Ashland would be chillin’ in the back of of the stroller and that Immi would walk around holding my hand. Besides, I thought that Immi would really enjoy it since she seems to love handmade things (I’ve seen her fall in love with handmade toys and wearable things made from hand dyed wool and hand carved wood and such at various local shops).

Well, as it turns out, Immi LOOOOVES handmade things a little too much and had the “I-WANT” overload. When she stepped into the huge room with 200+ vendors all selling a gillion things she likes, she wanted everything, and then got confused, and tired herself out in about 10 minutes! I didn’t suspect this becoming a problem seeing that she never has problem walking out of regular toy shops without buying anything, and she is very good about choosing just a few candies at candy shops.

So we took Ashland out of the stroller and sat immi there (she just sat there clutching big bag of kettle corn creepy quietly the rest of the time). But Ashland wasn’t into the idea of walking around holding my hand because all he wanted to do was stand and jump up and down on this metal square every time he encountered one.

At least, Lucian hang out quietly in his infant seat without complaint. Immi had fun running around ouside Hall D in the Oregon Convention Center though.

…So it wasn’t the most convenient family outing ever, but I enjoyed seeing all the creativity that is part of Portland area. Besides, I’m really glad that Immi has appreciation for things that are hand-crafted with care over plasticky mass produced crap.



Stitching and Coffee

Personally speaking, I can’t truly enjoy stitching without a cup of coffee (or tea!)! I didn’t watch/follow the recent royal wedding at all but I read somewhere that the embroidery on the dress was done by hands that were washed every 30 minutes (to ensure that fabric/thread remained pristine) and that needles were discarded every 3 hours (*I’m not responsible for accuracy of this information, though I can easily believe that it is in fact true). I’m sure drinks where no where near that gown, ever. Clearly I don’t follow this ethic — not that I’m making anything remotely a historically relevant item:)



We found a pretty country road while driving on Saturday.

And had a cupcake. This one is from SweetestThing Cupcakes. The thing that I loved about this cupcake is that it tasted like a really good cupcake, instead of a cake in a cupcake shape (which a lot of fancy cupcake tends towards). It had the most amazing frosting ever!

Our friend who had been a professional nanny in previous years offered to babysit for us. (I have much admiration for people who can deal with other people’s kids!) Todd and I left Immi & Ashland to go watch UFC at our friends for 30 minutes, and then went to opposite side of PDX to another friend’s welcome back to Portland party for about 40 minutes. Lucian came with us since he thinks that bottles and formula are yucky. Besides, Lucian is quiet and really no trouble. So ‘Yay!’ for social life, which has been somewhat sparse having been so busy this past year — thank you Jen!