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Textile Jewelry

I had an idea to incorporate colorful antique scrap fabric (which I salvaged from our beaten up cushion covers I had been saving for crafting purpose) into vintage key pendant. …And here it is, I think that it’s inspired from crazy quilting. All the elements are sewn on (no glue!!).

Strawberry Season

We went to Sauvie Island because it’s now the farms are open for strawberries. I love Portland for having seasons — not just the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) but little ones like strawberry season, and raspberry season, and lavender season etc. etc. It’s so much more easier to be in touch with nature here and I think that Immi and Ashland enjoys these cyclic seasonal activities.

We got lots of pretty berries!


Lately my creativity is being spent elsewhere and my brain is too cluttered to craft apparently. So here are some result of fun with iphonography (or fauxraloid photos! Regardless of artistic de/merit of such a thing, it’s  quite fun, I must admit. I’d love to use vintage cameras but I imagine the bulk of the camera itself and the cost of processing doesn’t fit very well in my life style. …So why not simulated cameras, people have been using simulated vintage amps in music with good success for years!).






Black and White

My progress in craft projects has been slow lately due to sporadic but more frequent perfect weather and general preoccupation with other random things. But I did have a sudden revelation that I can quite easily make “vertical” knitted stripes using stranded knitting (like fair isle knitting, though I don’t want to offend such intricate art with such a simple geometry as two tone stripe!) technique. …So I’ve started working on the arm warmer in 100% cotton yarn. I’ve had these yarn for a while wanting to make some kind of black/white stripes but couldn’t make the horizontal stripes to look right and I kept frogging it — I do think that vertical stripes look much better for this yarn!