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Crochet Beach Glass

Here’s lace crochet covered beach glass (actually, it’s more of a smoothed pottery than glass…). I’m trying to resist the temptation to always photograph things on the same pale teal color wood surface (a.k.a. Our kitchen table!) no matter how much I like it and convenient it is. Mix things up a bit sometimes, you know!? So here it is on a fabric bound book and old ruler for scale.


Blueberry Picking

It’s a beautiful summery Saturday and we decided to go berry picking! To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure which ones were in season at this time in Portland (strawberries were 2 weeks late in early summer) but we need no excuse to drive around the beautiful Sauvie Island so off we went. At the farm, we found blueberries!

Sauvie Island — it’s so peaceful here.

I didn’t take any pictures, but we also picked some heirloom tomatoes for $0.99 per pound! How cheap is that? Especially considering it takes almost no effort picking enough for the week.

Crafting Faery Wings

Immi loves to dress up. She’s always decked out as a princess or a faery or a princess-faery every single day. But she hasn’t had proper faery wings for a while (and makes do with make shift ones or imaginary ones) because those mass-produced crappy wings get broken so easily. While we were out shopping the other day, I contemplated putting one in the shopping cart but resisted. Because I mean seriously, it was $7 and it won’t see the end of the week — which is not only expensive (for all that it is), but absolutely un-environmental! Instead, of buying one, I decided to make one that is comfortable to wear, washable and durable. I put my brain to work and came up with this design which uses only supplies I already had. I made a pattern from scientific illustration of butterfly wings and simplified the lines a bit and added the heart in the center to hold it together.

Now Immi can be a make-believe faery with real fake wings instead of imaginary ones. I do love everyday problems that can be solved with bit of thread and fabric!

Making Fingerless Gloves

Todd requested more fingerless gloves (or arm warmers), which he uses [what seems like] most of the 24 hours spent at his laptop (and sometimes away from it too!) and I had the idea to make it from knit jersey fabric instead of knitting with yarn to accommodate summer weather. I don’t have the picture of this because I gave it to him the moment it was done, and it’s been in use since but seeing how quick and easy it was, I made one for immi! I made the flower hair clip while at it. It’s made from her old t-shirt that got a bit ruggedy in places.

It’s entirely hand-stitched. I have been reluctant to work with my sewing machine much because it really doesn’t stitch very well anymore (it was mostly a toy to begin with — it’s cute though, with Hello Kitty on) but I found out, browsing through vintage Japanese craft books, that I can in fact stitch stretchy fabric by hand! In stead of using running stitch (or otherwise straight ones) diagonally placed stitch is used to accommodate stretching of the fabric. I see that there’s some option for diagonal stitches, but I think that herringbone stitch works pretty well.

Anything Pizza

My lunch solution lately has been pizza topped with whatever left overs from dinner night before. This one has grilled chicken and roasted veggies on. Kids usually make the cheese pizza because that’s all they like. This one turned out quite well (better than it looks! I have much admiration for chefs who can make beautiful foods, I seem to have no knack for this).

Making All Kinds of Things

I’ve neglected to post them, but I have been making things past few weeks . Like these crochet covered glass pebbles. I’m just sort of experimenting here with miniature motif crochet — I guess they are seeds of doily tree, if there were such a thing.

I was contemplating jewelry that would be interesting to touch, and this is what I came up with. It looks like it might be a pendant, but it’s currently a bracelet. Another thought that was on my in making this item was that I always make items that are practical for wearing and wanted to break free from this. Doing “something else” is healthy for creativity, I do think. So the key dangles down low on to the hand and jingles slightly — it’s a dramatic sort of jewelry which I would imagine would look nice with long flowing dress.

And here’s something very practical — a pacifier fob! The reason why I made this is because binkies just gets lost ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I feel like I spend at least 25% of my evening looking for them. I do know about pacifier clips, we even have some, but those aren’t very good for use at home — especially bedtime — because the clip looks uncomfortable to sleep on, and when it’s not attached to clothes, babies chew them up and they aren’t made safe for that. …So, my binky fob, is made to give it some weight to pacies (easy to find if it gets mixed in with blankets and toys), created from chew-safe material, and much more comfortable to roll over onto. Oh, and it’s orange color — it’s easy to spot.


The reason for my more-or-less absence online is that I got really sick around Sunday before last one. I think at that point, I hadn’t felt quite *right* for few days, and then while having this picnic, I started feeling really quite ill. After that, it was a down hill — by Monday, I felt like if I just closed my eyes I just might never wake up, ever. I had no idea what was wrong with me I thought I was having allergy or something. But then I developed a fever which I figured means I have some sort of infection, so I went to see a doctor on Tuesday. As it turns out, I managed to get staph infection “somewhere” in my body (that’s the official diagnosis…exact location inconclusive) and by the time I was in the doctor’s office, I has very very low blood pressure and high heart rate. He told me to take an ambulance to ER — I told him I’ll just go home and drink lots of water (I thought I might survive infection, but that I would not survive ambulance/ER for various reasons). I’m glad I got medical attention before any permanent damage was done and the infection responded well to antibiotics (and lots of water and probiotic foods). At this point, 1.5 weeks later, infection is probably all gone (the doctor gave me extra 3 days of antibiotics to make sure so I still have to take them 2 more days) but it seems to be taking some time for my body to recover from shock it went through for few days. Hopefully I will get back into swing of things soon.

That which fails to kill me will make me stronger right?