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Happy No-Turkey-Day and Rainbow Friday

Wishing you are having a happy holiday weekend! Todd and I call this holiday the “No-Turkey-Day”. Because neither of us really like turkey and make a point not to consume turkey in any form. Seriously we can think of million other things we would rather eat. I mean we’ve watched most of Anthony Bourdain’s shows on netflix lately, and…well, turkey remains unmentioned, for a good reason I’m sure. We figured out how to make pot roast, it turned out pretty good! I think that many of our friends call this holiday the “Turkey Day” anyhow — as in the day in which family get together and have a feast (which is a wonderful thing to do), as opposed to “Thanksgiving” — the core of which is historical denial.

And while at it, we’ve also renamed “Black Friday” (which have been, for the past 5 years, the day we stay in and NOT shop) a “Rainbow Friday” (we believe in therapeutic benefits of silliness!) and spend the day making things. This is what I made. Bracelet in which I’ve revisited the hemp jewelry technique.


Baking Adventure Continues

The reason why I’ve been a little quiet here (and everywhere else really) is that we’ve all been sick! Todd brought home a cold 2 weeks ago and then Ashland, then I, and then Immi and then even Lucian got it. It’s been over a week since the rest of us got it, but we still have yucky cough and general lack of appetite and tiredness. This is the first time we’ve all been sick (even counting years before Lucian!).

Anyhow. I have been experimenting with easy bread baking. I have adjusted the method and recipe this time around to cut the rest time of dough to 2 hours (followed by refrigeration so that the dough can be used anytime in the following week). I know that 15 – 18 hour rest time is not an inconvenience to many people, but speaking for myself, I have no idea what I will be doing much beyond next hour so option to refrigerate gives me much better flexibility.

Amusingly, the resulting bread tasted exactly the same as the one I made from the original recipe. Though it looks somewhat better this time. I have some more experiments to conduct, I’ll let you know when I come to any kind of conclusive conclusion!

This is the antique (…as in old, very used and then neglected!) dutch oven I got for cheap and restored recently to bake bread in. The pot is fabulous now, I love the hammered texture. The slow slow cooked beef stew I made with it recently turned out quite well too.