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Making Water Kefir

I started making water kefir! I had been contemplating making some kind of probiotic drink because Todd drinks store bought Kombucha sometimes to help his digestive system when it feels sluggish. Years ago, I made milk kefir from enzyme packets (At the time, I could not source milk kefir grains. It was one of those things that was “shared”, not bought. You can easily buy them online now!). I like milk kefir, but there’s limit to how much dairy one would feel inclined to consume in a day so I decided to give water kefir a try.

And I’m glad I did, because it’s easy (a lot easier than making milk kefir!) and it tastes great! Even kids like it. Immi thinks it tastes like apple juice, and Ashland calls it lemonade. (I put papaya in this one for flavor)

Why did I choose to try water kefir over kombucha? Well, quite frankly, the “thing” that makes Kombucha (it’s known as SCOBY) is scary looking. Kefir grains on the other hand, is kinda pretty. Yep. I’m shallow like that sometimes.


Sewing Bags

I saw Todd using a beat up gallon size ziplock bags for keeping cables organized in his laptop backpack (which do have many many pockets! …but never enough, it seems.) so I stitched up more durable one. All function, no frills.


Also recently, I stitched up a knitting project bag. The main idea for this is that I wanted a bag that can accommodate variously sized content (small to medium yarn related projects) quite snugly. This is so that the knitting needles won’t wiggle around in the bag too much, loosing stitches or poking holes in the bag. I decided to make a wrap closure, and this seem to work quite well for the purpose.


Lately…(in photos)

Lots on my mind lately which seems to make me wordless. Anyhow, not for lack of doing things that helps me keep my sanity!