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Fixing Things

The zipper on Ashland’s favorite back pack broke. It was a stuffed black bear with zipper on the back of it’s head with straps on so that he can “wear” it on his back. I contemplated quite long moments what to do about it — I didn’t think that I can really donate it because it is broken, but I didn’t feel right about putting it in trash either seeing that the bear was still in reasonably good condition. Fixing it though, I knew would take some serious effort. When I thought about the how much it would cost to simply replace with new one, and contemplated my hourly worth in $s, it didn’t make much sense for me bother fixing it. But I was annoyed with myself for even thinking this for a moment — I’m appalled by our ‘everything disposable’ culture, and I don’t want to be a hypocrite. Especially when the kids are watching (ha!) because I believe in leading by example.

After a big long sigh, I rummaged through my craft supplies and found a perfect size zipper replacement (it’s light brown and not black, but hey, it could have been worse). And I ripped apart the broken zipper off the bear’s head, ripped the inside seam of the pouch lining (so that I can sew on the zipper inside out) and installed the new zipper. Now, when I say “installed the new zipper”, this is the bit that took quite a lot of determination because it required me to work with very fuzzy material lined with flimsy cotton which has been stuffed full with fluff and I had to stitch all this up by hand in small back-stitches (for durability) from a very small opening (kinda like real surgery, I tried to keep the “incision” as small as possible in a entirely discrete location).

I am pleased to have successfully completed the trickiest zipper installation I’ve ever done. I hope Ashland will be happy to have his bear back. And hopefully he will grow up to be a responsible person who can contemplate 1)fix, 2)re-purpose, 3) re-use, 4)donate, 5)recycle before chucking items into trash bin.

Nothing Better than Burgers and Fries

So this Saturday, the weather was ‘meh’. We had been taking lovely PDX summer weather for granted and had no idea what to do for a moment. And then I remembered what we do in winter months — find the food we want, and go there. Portland is a HUGE town in terms of affordable yummy eats — we’ve barely gotten to know 1% of it!

Anyhow. We searched for yummy burgers and fries, and among quite long list of various recommendations, we picked this place. Mine has mushrooms on it.

You know that a burger joint is serious when only thing on the menu is burgers and fries. And everything comes with bacon. And it was totally fabulous. The best part of this burger is texture. Such a silly thing, I never considered combined texture of burger being anything worthwhile noting until this burger. The bacon in it crumbled perfectly with every bite, beef was flavorful and juicy, buns added exactly the right amount of flavor and softness without getting in the way with perfect amount of super delicious sauce on. This burger absolutely did not need any ketchup or mayo — perfect exactly as it was served.