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Mr. Oskar

Cute Little Apple

I saw this apple at the market, and I just had to bring it home. It actually looks like it grew on a tree!

…Though I realize this is a silly thought considering the fact that every apple does grow on a tree.

Washington County Fair

We have had amazing summer weather this week and Saturday didn’t disappoint — what a beautifully perfect day for fun at the fair!

I really dislike crowded places and avoid it best I can, but I braved it. As it turns out, there was absolutely no parking issues nor there a line for the rides!

A really cute candy and fast foods stand. I don’t imagine they have anything wholesome here, but I suppose that is not the point.

The ferris wheel — this one is vintage looking and adorable.

Lavender Season and Cupcakes

My favorite thing about lavender season in Portland is that everything comes in seasonal lavender flavor. I was so happy to find lavender frosted chocolate cupcake!

[I didn’t bake this cute cupcake, it’s from the super amazing SweetestThing Cupcakes]

Lavender Farm

We managed to make it to the Mountainside Lavender Farm before the season ended! (Where did July fly off to anyhow?)

Lavender is totally my favorite flower. It smells great, looks beautiful, tastes lovely, absolutely useful for all kinds of things. Luckily for me, rest of my little family loves it too. And I have free labor (…ok, so they aren’t free at all, but they are willing!) — Immi and Ashland worked hard to harvest bucket full of lavender. Oh and Todd too. All I had to do was stand around and figure out how to use this new camera through experimentation (that’s why photos from this day is inconsistent in color etc.) We are going to dry these lavender and make a lot of dryer sachets and drawer sachets. Some of it will be used for baking and tea etc. too.

They distill lavender essential oil right here on the farm. How neat is this?

A Bag for A Ball

I have been meaning to stitch up some sort of bag for Ashland’s ball because he like to take one outside  often, and it’s not the easiest of things to manage safely (i.e. balls have a way of rolling out of his arm in the parking lot and such). I contemplated converting a t-shirt, but then realized that tank tops would make a much easier conversion to bags!

This tank that got too small is about perfect size for this 5 inch ball. All that was necessary was stitching up the bottom end of the shirt. Though functionally unnecessary, I tucked up the two bottom corners and added buttons for rounded look.

She Was Pretty

…but then her head rolled off.

Seeing the World Through New Eyes

…Ok, so technically just one eye. Besides, it’s more like a third eye? Ah well, contextually failed use of cliché 😀 Anyhow, new equipment for fun and for work. I am entirely excited.

Here, the soft focus effect was achieved by the use of dusty mirror. That’s right. Poor house-keeping turned into creative device. Ha!

For the Table

Here’s the photo of the antique machine leg I have been cleaning up. This picture was taken last week, after cleaning just the top part. Today, I did finally finished cleaning the whole pair. Whew. Seriously, cleaning up 100 years worth of greasy dusty build up — gently — was seriously a hard work! I still have to buff it up a bit, and then coat it with rust converter (this is a point I debated for some time because I hesitate to modify it, but in the end, I think it is the best way to preserve it), and then clear protective finish. I’m looking forward to seeing it as a finished table at some point!

Reusable Lunch Sack

…So I stitched up a reusable lunch sack the day before Immi’s first day of school because I thought carrying lunch bag on top of huge backpack is an over-kill for a mandatory snack for 2 hour class (Weird right? Don’t get me started…) I was feeling quite smug about it sewing it up — having looked up standard dimension of brown bags and all that. But as soon as I finished making this, it occurred to me that lunch bags with draw string (like bags for Japanese bento boxes) would have been a better design 😐 And what’s more, Immi won’t drink this juice box probably because it’s not organic, and it has “natural flavor” in it — I should have looked more closely before putting it in the shopping cart.