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It’s Totally Almost Autumn

I know that it’s not autumn for few more weeks according to the calendar but, it totally feels like it’s just around the corner. …So I baked some bread! This one is roasted garlic and green olives.

I wondered if I’d forgotten how to bake bread from few months break, but I’m right where I left off. This autumn, I’m hoping to learn more about bread baking — trying out different methods and finding/tinkering with recipes.

Dusk At Cannon Beach

We were just at the beach 8 days ago or so but Todd  was weary of having sat in front of computer for extended length of time this week and suggested we have a ‘business meeting’ while driving out to the coast. I hesitated (because I’m too practical sometimes) but agreed. I knew it would be chillier than it was last week and it was, but there was a perk: a glorious evening sky!

Is it just my silly superstition that sky is prettier in cooler weather or is there a scientific reason supporting my belief??  Actually, the colors were even more saturated and beautiful about a minute or two before I got these photos. Regardless, kids were delighted to see the “rainbow beach”.


Crochet Bunny Slippers

For various reason, I was quite sure that Immi would love a pair of bunny slippers. I almost bought a pair, but decided to make one instead. I also almost bought a crochet pattern to make one, but decided to wing it and make it up myself. I had a chart for crochet room-shoes in the japanese craft book my mom sent me some time ago which I followed loosely. And then I made up two pairs of bunny ears — it’s formed kinda like a crochet flower…with just one petal.

Crafting for a Princess

Immi asked me for a faery wand in star shape. I was happy to make it happen:

And also a totally simple skirt made from Immi’s hello kitty flat sheet which never gets used.

Sewing A Skirt

It suddenly occurred to me that I could probably figure out how to make A-line type wrap skirt quite easily. And that I can forgo measurements and calculation if I just made the pattern off of a skirt that fit me quite well (I was wearing one!). I haven’t bothered making my own clothing much because it would require enough fabric to hurt my feelings if it failed. Anyhow, I remembered I saved a duvet cover that got ruined by leaky ink (I was tired of this color from years of use anyhow) and got to work on prototyping.

…And it fit perfectly! Too bad I didn’t make it with fabric I’d enjoy wearing 😀 But, it’s very comfortable (100% super soft cotton) and I imagine I would enjoy wearing it at home.

Antiques, Hydrangea and Macaroons

Date with myself today brought me to Sellwood, a tiny little town known for antiques. We frequent this town because it’s only a short drive away, has a great park, and several fantastic cafes.

Anyhow. I sat down for a bowl of delicious wanton soup and idly listened to the sound of the world.

The amazing thing about this amazing antique register is that it’s still in use!

I noticed the beautiful colors on these fading hydrangea only because I happen to sit next to it.

This hat I got at the beach the other day is keeping me much cooler by fending sun off my face. Why didn’t I get one of these things like years ago?

When I got home, I made tea for Immi in her panda bear mug to go with her cute little bright pink macaroons.

The Table and a Cupcake

The table is all done! I guess it’s one of those items where pictures don’t do it justice at all. Anyhow, it [barely but still] fits in our current dining room, and we shall find a cute dining room to match our table at some point!

I totally love that it’s seamless. Many large size dining table has extension leaf and it was nothing but trouble with Lucian mucking with it in our previous one (which being vintage, didn’t even come with the leaf that it had opening for…).

And I also love that there is enough space at the end of the table (and away from boys!) for a semi-permanent parking spot for salt & pepper. Pretty little rocks in the jar are from Charlevoix MI — Todd found them for us when he was there few weeks ago for a wedding.

I know that this piece of furniture is the best hang out spot because a cat claimed it. We are going to hunt for mismatched chairs that would look great with this table over time. For now, we put ones we got with other table — which I actually really like because it’s solid and never seem to tip over despite kids.

…and here’s my first ever cupcake from the famous Saint Cupcake. It’s totally good. I enjoyed it. But you know what was even better was their toffee cookie. I dare say, it was THE BEST cookie I ever had. (No photo of the amazing cookie because I ate it. It looks rather ordinary anyhow.)


Making of the Perfect Dining Table II

And just in time, the machine legs for the table is all done too! Cleaned, rust proofed, buffed and sealed. The ironic and challenging part was making it look like I found it exactly like this.

My favorite part of it is the brass plate affixed to one side on one of the pair. I didn’t even know it was there until I started cleaning it.

Making of the Perfect Dining Table I

We got a call that the table top for our dining table is all done, so we went to check it out. It turned out amazing!

…I took some extra photos because I mean how often will I step inside workshop like this?

Really really big log sitting outside.

Stack of timber being cured out side.

If you are worried about trees in the forest being cut down for this, don’t worry! These are urban reclaimed wood. What this means is that when some one in and around town has a tree that needs to be removed from their property for whatever reasons (because it died, or otherwise a hazard) they go there with proper equipment and permit to safely cut it down. It’s a nice alternative to turning beautiful timber into firewood (or worse!).

Twilight and A Burger

It has been so long since I spent any kind of real time, effort or budget on my wardrobe (due to waxing and waning figure past 5 years) to a point I had no idea what size I ended up being. Anyhow, I decided to spend my precious weekly date with myself (because minding three noisy kids 24/7, even with a fantastically supportive husband like Todd will drive anyone insane!) actually trying on some clothes at Bridgeport Village. And I did. Quite lamely though, I bought nothing except for a scarf  which I meant to buy last year to replace one like it that I had lost — it was 75% off (it’s good to dilly dally sometimes!). I got bored of shopping, in about one hour and fifteen minutes, and sat down with a burger.

I saw the ground where various patterns meet and thought it’s the kinda photo Todd would take and so I did that on his behalf.

I happen to be sitting in front of the cinema with my burger. The sun is setting, and lights are being turned on!

I tried to resist taking pictures of humdrumly landscaped flowers, but they were just so brightly yellow and hard to ignore.

…and then I noticed that the sky has turned gorgeous pink and purple!

I do love summer twilight in the Pacific Northwest — the way the temperature drops no matter how hot it had been during the day, and lovely colors the sky turn into illuminating everything on earth with a touch of magic.