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Recycling Crayons

Somehow we always end up with lots of broken crayons and so we make colorful recycled crayons every now and then. They are pretty and fun for kids to use. Bonus points for being not-easily breakable!


I use silicon mini muffin trey that I keep around for making candles and soaps. Fill it up with broken crayons and bake at 250F until melted (about 20 minutes).



Alphabet Bracelets

Unbelievably, Immi is officially in Kindergarten. Anyhow. Immi resist regular sort of learning so I’m helping her with letters and words of the week by making bracelets with her. She can make and wear new ones every week until she can get excited about learning them some other way.




Ashland wanted to make one too. His is sort of random, but I love it!


Fiber Festival

I’ve looked forward to coming to Flock and Fiber Festival since last year. Apparently, I was too busy looking at yarn etc. this is all I got photo wise.


Quaint looking spinning wheel.


…And much needed caffeine.




Boys and Flowers

Ashland and flowers.


Lucian and flowers.



Autumn at Farmer’s Market



No better place to see the change in season than Farmer’s Market.


Apples. Lots of pretty Apples, everywhere.



To the River

Mini drive to the Columbia River Gorge.




Favorite Time, Favorite Place

In the evening. At our favorite park.


Surely, Faeries Live in These Forests

I visited the tryon creek state natural area for the first time (though Todd goes running/biking here regularly because of many paths it has and proximity to where we live) and it’s beautiful. It reminds of the forest I used go horse back riding every week growing up in Seattle. In remembering all the amazing places my parents took me to pre-college (Grand Canyon, Glacier National Park, Yosemite, Yellow Stone, Carlsbad Cavern, White Sands….) I actually love the forests of the pacific north west the most. If you know me even a little, you know I’m not really a nature person. But these forests grounds me and I feel at home.

Pot Roast

We’ve been pretending it’s autumn in the kitchen lately making soups and roasts. This one is beef. I love making pot roast because it’s easy and basically fool proof. We don’t follow recipe for these things, just the big chunk of meat. Red wine and water for liquids. And whatever veggies we have on hand. Our one favorite ingredient that isn’t always part of classic roast is red pepper. It adds unexpected complexity to the overall flavor and makes the resulting broth prettier in color. The rest of it is just the magic of meats in liquids hanging out in the oven for 3 hours.

Farmer’s Market

Nonconformist carrot doing karate kick at the Farmer’s Market in Beaverton!

It’s basically the very end of berry season — but there’s last of the blueberries.