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Homemade Flour Tortilla

We ran out of flour tortilla, and while this may be of no concern for most people, it is a huge problem in our household (Todd wraps everything — from teriyaki chicken & rice to eggs & sausages  in tortilla to go for breakfast and/or lunch)…so I had an idea to make some! It only requires items I usually have on hand and was very yummy if a little tedious to make (I found many recipe but I tried this one that doesn’t use baking powder, and uses oil instead of shortening. I used cast iron skillet instead of nonstick). Mainly, I put effort into producing tortillas that are as thin as possible because I hate chewy ones.


Weighted Pencils

Immi, like many other ASD kids, have decreased hand strength. This issue is something I hardly notice, until she uses pencils for writing — it is painfully obvious then. Her writing is barely legible because the pencil marks are so light. To make writing easier and the result more legible, I put together some special pencils for immi! Also, I searched for pencils with softer lead and found that actually Sanrio shops had a whole bunch of cute ones in 2B. The weights are stainless steel hex nuts and rubber o-rings from the hardware store (with some cute stickers to make it cuter of course). Immi and I experimented with placement and amount of weights on the pencil, and this was the most comfortable result for her. The positive difference these weighted+softer-lead pencil makes is huge!


Making Lucet

My widely random and long-winded train of thought led me to the making of this gorilla lucet. It’s made from kid’s gorilla toy from zoo animal set — I drilled a big hole in the middle. It works surprisingly well for how silly it looks!