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Sewing Little Doll Clothes

I wanted to support Immi’s enthusiasm for fashion by trying to stitch up some dresses for her doll. Immi requested a pink dress so pink dress I made.


I was hoping that by the time Immi has the dexterity to sew tiny things I would have learned a few thing about making tiny clothes so that I can help her. Immi also specifically asked for a key necklace to go with this dress, and I was happy to make it!


Little Fashionista

Immi has been, quite frankly to an annoying extent lately, obsessed with fashion and I wanted to help her find a positive outlet for this. We got for her a ‘fashion doll’ and put together a tub full of scrap fabric for making doll clothes with — it has been a huge success! At the moment, her dresses involves no sewing but that means the fabric can be reused indefinitely.


The little belt from luggage tag (…I think) happen to fit this doll perfectly! She also uses velcro strip, elastic bands or ribbon to keep things together. 


Big Strawberry

BIG strawberry!


Mr. Oskar

Best kitty in the entire world.


Antique Elevator

Old Elevator. Very creepy. Haunted, surely. Unfortunately, it still works — I had to ride it.


Cherry Blossom

We found more cherry blossom trees!