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Probiotic Foods

Goodies from the farm yesterday was made into these:

Cucumber dill pickles.






These aren’t veggies from the farm yesterday but here’s my on going nukazuke batter.


Every veggie looks pretty nukazuke pickled!



I’ve never tried making sauerkraut so we shall see how it turns out in few weeks!

Farm Fresh

I wanted to make some pickles and sauerkraut etc. so naturally, we went to the farm for ingredients. This one is for kimchi.


We got some blueberries as well.


Lucian found dandelion.


Pretty purple flowers.


Blueberries and Raspberries

Amazing summer day was spent berry picking!


Blueberries and raspberries were in season.


Beautiful little jewels!


Immi loves flowers as inedible as they are.


The fruit of kid’s labor minus what they already ate, which is a whole lot.


Perfect Dress

Immi spotted this amazing dress (flower girl dress?) at a thrift shop and really really wanted it. I can see why — it looks exactly like the way she talks about her imaginary perfect dress. She had been specifically asking for a white dress (like the one Cinderella wears on the wedding day picture book story, I think), and what do you know, it fit perfectly!


A very nice quality dress with much more wallet friendly price tag compared to fake princess dresses at toy shops.


Cold Brew Coffee

I drink HOT coffee year around for most part, but it was just a wee bit too hot outside today for that so I chose delicious cold brew coffee at a new cafe that opened up near by.


Tiny Clothes

Stitched up some more doll clothes. I made the tiny Hello Kitty out of immi’s old Hello Kitty pattern print shirt. The doll’s head was popped off temporarily because the hair is nuisance to work with while putting the work in progress clothes on and off. I know that many parents have issues with fashion dolls due to their unnatural body shape that promote unhealthy self-image or whatever, but can I just say how ingenious the Monster High dolls’ body is from seamstress’ perspective? The body is very very oddly shaped, but all of this odd and extreme curves adds up to allowing completely flat (no need for darts anywhere) clothes to fit amazingly. Fashion doll body shape that wears easy (cheap?) to construct clothes very well — industrial design at it’s best!