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Cinderella, Knight and Ashland

Happy Halloween!

Even though it’s kids’ favorite holiday, I almost decided on skipping the whole Halloween thing because [1] kids have been sick for past 2 weeks (finally starting to feel better) [2] I have been feeling kinda ill too [3] we are super super busy with work [4] we have many other things we are working on that’s keeping my mind preoccupied beyond capacity. But I felt too guilty about not doing anything. …So, Immi picked Cinderella outfit (I vetoed Immi’s first choice, princess Tiana costume, due to exceedingly poor construction) and Lucian is my little knight in polyester armor. For Ashland, matching knight costume and ninja outfit from last year were offered, but he said that he wanted to be “Ashland” because he is not a knight, nor a ninja, but an Ashland — he requested his favorite hat instead. I’m often amused by Ashland’s philosophical/poetic way of being.




Creepy Bunny

Very creepy bunny.


It definitely has secrets.



PDX and Bubble Tea and Sunset

Strolling through PDX. Someones pretty garden along the side walk.

garden (1)

Stopping by for bubble tea.




Evening colors.


Sunset from Mount Tabor. Gorgeous. BUT, who knew there’s mosquitoes here. In October! Sunset is not worth it for mosquito bites. I got eaten alive. Kids and Todd were perfectly fine in the meanwhile for some reason.


Finding Quiet

Looking for quiet and prayerful moments in crafting…because it’s nowhere else to be found in reality at the moment in my life! Also, I wanted to experiment mixing contrasting materials — stones, wood, shells, metal, textile etc.