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Lucian. He is THREE years old!

A few days ago Immi (she’s always planning some party or the other!) was asking Lucian if he wanted a Thomas Train Birthday cake for his birthday. His reply was “Thomas Trains are for babies. I want a black one, a black birthday cake.”

I contemplated making it, possibly charcoal based natural food coloring in fondant maybe. But deciding that it’s way beyond my skill level (sloppily made black cake couldn’t possibly be appetizing!) I took Lucian to our favorite bakery and let him pick whichever one he wanted. Ironically, he picked this classic white cake. Not that black one was an option, he was very pleased with his choice.

That’s Lucian for you — unexpected, charming and sophisticated with an edge.  He’s often happily cynical with a touch of darkness+sunshine+cute. Plus, he is really really funny. He makes me laugh many times a day, every single day. Happy Birthday “Little” Lucian!



Portland nightscape.




Cute Owl

Sweet little owl. Vintage toy.



End of the Rainbow and Beginnings of Things

I said to kids “Look guys, we found the end of the rainbow!” …And then Ashland replied “Nyan Cat fell from the space!!”  Well, I suppose that might have been it. Country side of Oregon (not too far here from Portland) — it’s so beautiful here.


We saw more than 20 different rainbows driving through, and several ends of rainbows! What an amazing day. We are on a journey looking for something right now, surely we are on the right path?


Side walk chalk doodle.


A fortune cookie of sorts.