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I Heart Oregon

Sky. Trees. Golden field. So beautiful here.



Lego Castle

Immi completed a lego ninja castle (recommended for 8-14 yr) without any help. This is the first lego thing she has ever built following the instruction (it simply never occurred to me to let her try it before, though she creates conceptual sculptural thingies often with legos). I’m sure that many parents of almost-7-year-olds would not give much thought to such accomplishment but the thing to note about immi is that she scores ONE percentile in cognitive skills and in problem solving skills in standardized tests. Essentially, the test scores says — she lacks intelligence. Todd and I shrug off at these numbers and laugh at the standardized tests in general because while these tests are possibly useful enough to see if the mind it’s measuring is beyond ‘ordinary’, it doesn’t seem to capture the unique intelligences or account for specific disabilities (that prevents high scores despite their capability) that Immi and other ASD kids have. I have been told by experts that Immi is a visual learner. So it’s true, Immi can barely follow two-step verbal instructions sometimes, but she can complete a whole booklet of visual instructions involving hundred of pieces very quickly and easily.

Incidentally, this kit was purchased for Lucian who wanted it. I didn’t think that he can follow direction to complete it at this point, but I thought that I can build it first, and then after that, he can make whatever he wants with all the interesting pieces it comes with. Immi saved me a lot of effort!