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Little Valentine Date

…With my Immi! I never cared much for this holiday but Immi loves it for all the cards she gets to make for her friends, hearts, and candies, color pink, and everything nice.


Impending Coffee Time

Waiting for Ethiopia Yirgacheffe to pour over. This one’s from Case Study Coffee — super delicious. I’ve enjoyed Yirgacheffe from many roasters over the years and I think that it has completely displaced Kenya and Sumatra as my ‘usual’ favorite. Waiting for coffee to brew is almost as happy as drinking it, I think!


Pink Cinderella Cake

Immi had been requesting a pink Cinderella Cake for the past 3+ months and I had been planning on making it. Except…we got snowed in and couldn’t go out to get all the supplies to make it as planned! I didn’t want to disappoint her and rummaging through the pantry I found grenadine! I colored the frosting with it for pink-ness and made 7 candles out of 6 left over extra long birthday candles from last year (I almost made hand-dipped little candles, but this saved me time!). Happy Birthday Princes Immi!



Snow and Legos

It’s been snowing! Ashland and Lucian played with legos the entire day by the window while watching snow fall.