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Impossible Things

On this ordinary sort of drizzly grey day in-between two business meetings, we got the the keys to our very first house of our own. This is something we have been contemplating for four years and specifically working towards for 2+ years.  I can’t even begin to express the huge ton of hard-work and determination it took for us to be able to  buy this cute and nicely updated mid-century ranch with fantastic backyard for kids as a 100% self-employed business owners. We had been warned by many people that making this happen is virtually impossible these days and believe me, I felt discouraged many times in the process. But we did it!

(Ok, so the front door isn’t updated like most of the rest of the house, but I do like it for the ‘original charm’.)

…Which means we shall be moving soon. Over next few weeks. Gradually, because last move from VA to OR  was sudden and quite traumatic (never again like that!). First thing kids did in the new home is run around making full use of its emptiness.


There is one important thing I want to let you know. About two years ago, it occurred to us that while Portland is our favorite city in the whole world, and we are proud to base our business there, and we enjoy everything it has to offer on some weekends (yummy eats, coffee, parks etc. etc.) that we might not actually want to live “in” it. The reasons are many & complex but anyhow we have been looking for a perfect little town for living in since and found it here where this house is — a very nice 40 minute drive from downtown PDX beyond the suburbs and through beautiful farmlands.

Immi is looking forward to planting lots of pink flowers, Lucian to raising chickens and Ashland to growing carrots for his bunnies he hopes to have one day (I’m not sure about bunnies, but he can definitely grow carrots). I shall enjoy the wide open floor-plan and lots and lots of natural light from big windows perfect for taking pictures indoors.

Strawberry Mille Feuille

A tiny moment of quiet with my favorite dessert from my favorite bakery — IT’S ALL MINE, every single bite.


Fluffy Pink Petals Everywhere

There’s cherry blossom trees blossoming all over the place in and around PDX right now.




Lego Architect

Immi and her duplo lego house on stilt. I have no idea how it manages to stay standing (I suppose I feel the same way about the ones in real-life!) but that’s Immi for you — making things [apparently] held together by her unshaken will with a touch of fairy dust.


Puddles and Blossoms

There’s still puddles abound and the air a bit chilly…


…But the spring is surely here!


Friday Adventure

Things have been really hectic here and we wanted to make it up to the kids by having an ordinary sort of mini-adventures we used to have on weekends. We hung out in St. Johns for a little while, walking around the town.


…And found a cute bakery. (Photo credit for this one of the kids go to Todd!)


…And then drove through Sauvie Island in the evening.


When we got home, kids enjoyed the cute little $1 cupcakes we found at the bakery.