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Tulip Festival

Oh, tulips. Why are you so irritatingly happy looking?




Kids  love these colorful flowers, despite me.




Bird Watching

Lucian spends at least one hour a day bird watching. The boys dragged out their bean bag chairs from their room into otherwise empty living room (we are about…6% done unpacking) to watch birds in comfort in front of the large window that sits close to the ground. Ashland is doing nothing other than to wait for Lucian to say “Bird!!!”. They saw a bird dig up a worm and eat it today.


We got a cute bird feeder and put it in front of their bedroom window to increase chance of bird sightings. Apparently though, birds around here are spoiled and isn’t impressed by bargain quality bird food — I shall try better next time.

Green Grass

…grows even in a neglected cigarette ash bucket.


Bubble Sparkle

I had lots of fun with star-shaped aperture + immi + bubbles.




Seriously, is anything more fun than bubbles?? I hope kids would never tire of it because I won’t.


Sunshine in the Garden

We finally returned the key at the former residence yesterday and just for about 40 minutes or so pretended we didn’t have anything else to do but enjoy some sunshine. In reality of course, there’s huge pile of urgent things to do. We have the POD packed full of stuff (eternally grateful to friends who helped us with it!!) parked conveniently in the backyard RV parking space, and somehow I have a feeling that we won’t be unloading much of it anytime soon, oh well.



I’ve always wanted one. Lucian picked this small but impressive looking one, I would have chosen something more plain probably, but I think it’s perfect. As I placed it in the yard, it occurred to me that a sundial is practically an ‘ironic’ item in cloudy/rainy pacific northwest — it promises to be definitely useless most of the year! As in this moment here, I think I installed it approximately correctly, but I couldn’t tell until the sun comes out.


Moving and Stuff

Octonauts — they are super cute and have accompanying books which is great. Now the kids are all into under sea adventures! We got them these freshly picked toys/books because…


…as exciting as the prospect of starting new life in a new home is, the actual process of ‘moving’ is unglamorous. Like Lucian found appliance shopping really really boring. And bored kids = chaos.


But as tedious, stressful and physically draining as moving always is, we feel recharged every time we drive to our new home.


A picturesque old barn, I wonder how many people took pictures of it?