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Garden Weeds

While Immi and Ashland are at school, Lucian and I spent some quiet time in the garden. Lucian loves to find little pretty flowers (mostly weeds of sorts).


Little Cheese Party


Cure for Blah

We woke up feeling totally blah and instead of letting that ruin our entire day, grabbed our coffee to go and drove 10 minutes to this pretty lake.


Next time we’ll bring better picnic!


Rose for the Princess

The first of the roses bloomed in the front side yard. It matches Immi’s princess dress (she wears this all the time except when it’s being washed) exactly.



Making Home

I have been in home-improvement hole this past few week. I painted kids room with Kid-proof paint (reportedly extra quality, durable and non-toxic, Immi wanted her room purple and the boys wanted it octonauts’ submarine color). And then painted over the meh-red wall on the kitchen/dining side black which took serious effort due to numerous details. Our dining chairs are still in the storage POD but, whatever.


Also, I made “coffee table” exactly to our spec ignoring most conventional notions of coffee tables (I used plumbing pipes for flexibility in height and an old door I found for $3). I need to find/make some cute pillows for the couch.


We also finally managed to turn over the vegetable garden bed which started growing all kinds of things our previous owners of this home planted — we are trying to remove most of the dirt and fill it with organic ones. Before we turned it over, we harvested some lettuce that was growing there.


Faire In The Grove

We went to a renaissance faire and for no apparent reason, this was the only picture I took:


…and went inside the Grand Lodge. There were colorful and beautifully creepy bars there.