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Garden Vegetables

Garden vegetables from out little garden. I’m sure it’s part beginner’s luck and part the climate around here, but I’m impressed!


Little baby cantaloupe. It’s not really my favorite fruit (it’s probably technically not fruit is it?) but I just wanted to watch it grow — how cute is this little thing??


Treasure Hunting

…or grage sale rummaging anyhow. We’ve been enjoying gardening to much to do much of it this summer, but had fun out and about today! I found a vintage pipe threader, which not only looks cool but I actually have use for.


A box of legos, which is always very welcomed!


And a cute old industrial desk for our office!


Lego Birthday Cake

Ashland wanted a spiderman & zelda birthday cake, so I made one with legos.


Happy Birthday my little retro-gaming ninja, lego extraordinaire, delightful story-teller and a crayon/scissors/glue enthusiast! I can’t believe he’ll be joining Kindergarten this coming fall.legobirthday

Hot Summer Days

First of the tomatoes from the garden.


The veggies in the garden bed grew so big, I don’t even know what to do with it. I guess I over crowded it a little?

gardengrows (1)

Roses are always a treat! Kids say it smells like raspberries, and it actually kinda does.pinkrose (1)

Willamette Valley Sunset

Spectacular sunset over farmlands — just the usual drive home from weekly errand to Wholefoods. Photo really does no justice to the experience though, of being in the [perceptual] center of the spherically panoramic ombre sky.


Raspberry Picking

More berry picking. Raspberries this time!

raspberrypickingI would have to say, raspberries are my favorite of all berries. They smell so heavenly.


Planting Pear Tree

We planted a little asian pear tree.


Grow strong and fruitful, little tree!


Grilling for Dinner

Grilling for Dinner, I like it. Because I don’t have to do it, and makes minimal mess is the kitchen for clean up. And best of all, everything is more delicious grilled!


Bread and dipping oil with sage and rosemary from the herb garden.


…And sweet sparkling cloudy sake for me.