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We got a piano! With which now our home feels complete. I’ve missed having a piano, since the time I had to let go of a beautiful antique upright piano during my college years in Boston because I couldn’t fathom continuing a semi-nomadic life toting a real piano. Playing piano is my instant happy.


Grill and Meats

Conveniently located local sustainable butcher has been spoiling us all summer. Personally, I feel that only meats worth eating are the best ones. Otherwise, I would choose to be vegetarian. And I was for few years, quite happily, I might add.


Gorgeous bone-in ribeye steak, and bacon wrapped ribeye steak. The wings are understated but absolutely delicious.


I’m sure we can still fire up the grill in the winter but it will surely be a little sad without sweet corn. I’m glad kids enjoy shucking because I hate this chore.




It’s still warm and summer-like but I can tell that the sun casts a different sort of golden light over our garden these days. I see that the plants are in a hurry to finish producing as many of the fruits as possible before the cold weather rolls in. We harvested mini-pumpkins! Next year, I’d love to plant big ones.


We transplanted this pepper plant from the over crowded raised bed not too long ago. I wasn’t sure if it would survive being transplanted so late in the season, but it’s thriving — seems a lot happier to have it’s own space.


I’ve frozen gallons and gallons of peeled and seeded tomatoes in the past few weeks. It took serious effort, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it for taste of summer during winter.


Potted herb garden is doing well these days as well. I appreciate that they grow back even bigger as I harvest them. I see now that not taking was my mistake in basil plants that stayed small in previous years.


…And look!! An artichoke! I can’t believe it actually grew. It was practically dying when I bought it with two little sad shriveled leaves. It revived nicely but I never expected it would flower off-season.


Getting Pizza

I make my own pizza quite often with organic flour, garden veggies, nice cheese and all that.  But sometimes I just want a normal sort of pizza not made by me, so here we are!


I love the bad art wall decor.



…it’s Autumn already. According to this box of pumpkins for sale.


And sunflowers too, despite the warm sun and blue sky, they tell me summer is over.


Anyhow. No time for moping. We went to pick some berries to stock up our freezer for winter but they had pest issues and had to close the u-pick berry farm early (this farm is no spray, which is why I like it here, but I guess pests happen sometimes). We got peppers instead! An entire field of all kinds of peppers both mild & hot open for picking!


I said “What are we going to do with so much peppers??” And then it occurred to me to roast them on the grill, peel and freeze. Actually it was so delicious we barley had any left to freeze — enough to add to a small portion of pasta, maybe.



Scent of Summer

…Would be lavender for me. Making sachets here, dried lavender smells so nice, it’s therapeutic stitching them. I know it’s practically autumn but it seems we are having a long summer this year.



Also smelling pleasantly of summer is my baby cantaloupe — it ripened. Tastes amazing actually, best I’ve ever had (though I said that about pretty much every piece of veggies and fruit that grew in our garden!). Yum. And I don’t even like cantaloupes. There’s a couple more that will ripen soon. I’ll definitely want to plant more, and also honeydews too next year!


Pickling Cucumbers

I’m a huge fan of naturally fermented pickles and have tried making variety of probiotic foods but I hadn’t actually tried classic preserved vinegar brined pickles. I have been a bit terrified of the process (and what happens if one eats the failed attempt — food poisoning?) to be honest. But I took the plunge because our kind neighbor gave us a huge ton of pickling cucumbers, a gallon of vinegar, some dill, and even cherry leaves (which she told me makes crunchier pickles): I had no excuse but to give it a try. It was hard work just making a dozen, much respect to those who pickle enough every season to fill an entire pantry!


Also, our tomato plants been really prolific! I can’t believe the amount of vegetables that grow in such a small garden!