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Grey Sky Over Farmland


Colorful Pencils

I wanted to get for Lucian a nice set of color pencils because he has been working hard at coloring intricate pictures neatly, and also because I got the impression he felt that he didn’t have enough variety to color green. Anyhow, the nice set of pencils came in an ugly tin so I decoupaged the top, added some dragon stickers and tinted it with some ink — now it looks like it belongs to Lucian.




Kids have been enjoying coloring stained glass mini-mandalas. They cheer up our windows a lot.


It looked fun so I joined too. I colored this one.



Rainbow Carrots

Colorful assortment of carrots from out little carrot patch.


We get rotisserie chicken every week because it is one of very few source of protein Immi eats. After few years of weekly rotisserie chicken, I can’t possible eat another bite of it, but I make soup stock with it almost every week which I still enjoy. I put in whatever veggie bits I happen to have (which is sometimes nothing) but today’s got carrots and italian parsley from the garden. …And this is the best stock I’ve ever made, including ones I made from whole [not rotisserie] chicken! It is absolutely amazing how much difference the extreme freshness of these ingredients make in a soup.


Hilltop Meadow

A little open field on top of a hill overlooking dense forest. Enjoying the warm-enough sunny weekend since more rainy days are sure to follow.




Droplets and Sunshine



Service Cat

Oskar waits patiently for Immi to come home from school in her room. We call him ‘service cat’ because he is infinitely patient with kids and always makes himself available to Immi every time she needs comfort.



Autumn Rain

With what felt like an endless summer, I forgot that autumn has been here for a while now. And rain — I kinda missed it.