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Heavy Duty Coffee

Living here, we are rather spoiled with many fantastic coffee from amazing local roasters and we try something new regularly but I have to say this one here, a lovely gift from a friend, is absolutely the most amazing coffee we’ve had lately! I’m liking my new mug too though it’s somewhat ironic seeing that I (brew it strong but…) put lots of cream and sugar — I shall enjoy it how I like it.


Merry Cookie Day

Despite their parents’ lack of enthusiasm for  holidays in general, kids LOVE all of it. I have no idea how that happened. Kids unanimously wanted reindeers on our front lawn, I drew a very firm line there. I helped them bake cookies and they decorated them. Merry Cookie Day! …says Immi.


Anyhow, I’m wishing you all warm and cozy longest nights of the year!


Ashland drew this picture, I love how cheerful it is.


A Cat and a Boy



Misty Lake

The mist hovered prettily over the water but the deserted picnic area was seriously creepy.



Damp rock surrounded by moss glistening in the morning fog diffused sunlight.


Magnificent Clouds

Just an ordinary trip to the grocery store is rather extraordinary with such magnificent clouds in the sky.



Also, I started a knitting project. A simple, functional sort of scarf — I actually need one.


Rainier Days

I’m finally getting back into sewing which I seem to not have found much time for during gardening season. Todd requested more of these zipper bags and I finally sat down to make them. They are for organizing computer cables, phone chargers adapters of sorts etc that he totes around in his laptop bag.


Immi has been making dresses with anything she can get her hands on. I think that she did a nice job whip-stitching the shawl with a ribbon on the side seam.


Ashland has been spending a lot of time with legos. I adore this little robot he whipped up from spare parts.