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Spring Is Here

Spring came early this year, it seems. So early that I haven’t even had a chance to look forward to it!


February Sunshine

We’ve had ridiculously splendid weather here this ‘winter’ and I’ve been watching out for an extra nice day we can take some time off to go to the coast. And there it was, blue sky 70F day on the beach. Some people were wearing jackets (surely unable to believe how warm it actually was) and others were in bathing suit swimming in the ocean (brave souls, I’m certain the water was cold).






Sunshine in Black and White

Much welcomed warm sunshine in the backyard.




Just Another Cloudy Day


Jam Sandwich

Happy V-day!

Ashland made this for me at school. “I love you because you give me jam sandwiches” …Jam Sandwiches?? Of all things! So I just wanted to clarify to the world in general that I also make Chicken & Dumpling soup [his favorite, or so I thought!] from scratch (takes 3+ hours) pretty much every week. And less frequently but also pizza, made from homemade dough. And we take him on many amazing adventures. And we recently bought him wii u!! But nope, he loves me for jam sandwiches.

Here’s all the candies I confiscated from kids’ valentine loot from school. Sheesh, it’s worse than halloween. They already ate a few before I had the chance to grab the rest. I told them they can have ONE tomorrow, maybe.


Speaking of silly kids, Lucian said the funniest thing the other day it still makes me laugh. He said:

“But Mama, dragons have no lips!”

I had to think about it for a second, but he’s totally right, Dragons have no lips. I never thought of it that way. But since he uttered those words I keep seeing lipless dragon faces in my mind’s eye and makes me laugh during the day and creeps me out in the dark at night. Seriously this kid, he is full of hilariously senseless truisms.

It Smells Like

…Spring! But it sure still feels kinda wintery. Lilac (is it lilac?) that came with the house is a bit scraggly and I considered pulling it out last year but I couldn’t because it flowers heavenly scented pale pink flowers.


Otherwise, our garden still looks barren and the sunlight feels cold.


eveninglight2I’m starting to think about what seeds I should find for starting various vegetables.  In the meanwhile, nothing better than staying cozy with a warm tea in a cute cup!




Immi is EIGHT years old today, we celebrated her birthday this weekend. I seriously can not believe how fast time flies on by without my permission. In the past year, Immi triumphed over many disadvantages that came bundled (in otherwise what I see as generally positive package) with autism. She is continuing to sparkle, finding her own place among her peers while being true to herself — not an easy accomplishment even for the rest of us. Happy Birthday Immi!



What Immi wanted to do on her birthday was to make valentine’s cards for her classmates. Making 60+ total between two kids and a few extra by Lucian is a lot of colorful mess!



Spring Is

Spring is on it’s way, apparently. The apple tree is budding.


As is the blueberry bush, which I was happy to see that it survived the winter.


And the little pot of dried up and browned sage that I just trimmed down [hoping it would grow back] a few days ago sprouted new little leaves.