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A Cat and a Boy



Service Cat

Oskar waits patiently for Immi to come home from school in her room. We call him ‘service cat’ because he is infinitely patient with kids and always makes himself available to Immi every time she needs comfort.



Mr. Oskar

Best kitty in the entire world.


Mr. Oskar


Scene from the morning. Miss Monroe found the coziest spot. Todd has a pillow over his head because Ashland is singing. He is singing a happy tune, but he is LOUD!


Here’s Oskar being sleepy.


We’ve been enjoying the fireplace a lot lately even though it’s not particularly cold. Miss Monroe loves the fire (Oskar doesn’t). I’m drying some yarn I spun near it though I think I’m not supposed to heat wooley things (I thought it better than staying wet for days in humidity!).


Oskar being a cat by the window.

Oskar in the forest of chairs.