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S’mores and Roasted Squash

Still having no working stove/oven in the kitchen, we tried making best of it enjoying campfire cooking. Dessert first, making s’mores and eating them too. I have gotten so much better at roasted marshmallows, incinerating only one in four or so.


We roasted squash we grew in the garden to make squash soup. I had never been a huge fan of squash (I was growing squash primarily for entertainment with vague intention of feeding them to chickens!) but these were amazingly delicious. We shall grow a ton more next summer!


Best Soup In the Whole Entire World

After two weeks of awaiting repair for stove/oven and finding out that parts to fix it won’t come in for another two weeks, I ran out of patience for positive-thinking regarding this issue but, Todd made absolutely delicious soup over backyard campfire!


Made from a bunch of veggies we grew in the garden, choosing to have a good day instead of bad one — it makes this pot of soup not just delicious, but also the best soup in the whole entire world!


Here’s photo of Mandala (aka Mandy). She is the most magnificent looking chicken with iridescent blue-green feather…also happens to be the least brightest of the bunch. She makes the coop happy with her drama everyday!mandala

New Year 2015

Happy New Year!! First bread of the year turned out handsome, if I dare say so myself — I choose to think this is an auspicious sign for the year!


….And Immi learned to crochet. She learned it quickly too — good for her! Right now she is making a scarf. But I know Immi, she’ll make several scarfs (or some such thing) and then one day she’ll have a ginormous and ingenious idea and make it happen. Anyhow I’m excited, if there’s two of us that enjoy crafting with yarn, surely it justifies stash expansion expedition.


Rainbow Carrots

Colorful assortment of carrots from out little carrot patch.


We get rotisserie chicken every week because it is one of very few source of protein Immi eats. After few years of weekly rotisserie chicken, I can’t possible eat another bite of it, but I make soup stock with it almost every week which I still enjoy. I put in whatever veggie bits I happen to have (which is sometimes nothing) but today’s got carrots and italian parsley from the garden. …And this is the best stock I’ve ever made, including ones I made from whole [not rotisserie] chicken! It is absolutely amazing how much difference the extreme freshness of these ingredients make in a soup.


Grill and Meats

Conveniently located local sustainable butcher has been spoiling us all summer. Personally, I feel that only meats worth eating are the best ones. Otherwise, I would choose to be vegetarian. And I was for few years, quite happily, I might add.


Gorgeous bone-in ribeye steak, and bacon wrapped ribeye steak. The wings are understated but absolutely delicious.


I’m sure we can still fire up the grill in the winter but it will surely be a little sad without sweet corn. I’m glad kids enjoy shucking because I hate this chore.



Pickling Cucumbers

I’m a huge fan of naturally fermented pickles and have tried making variety of probiotic foods but I hadn’t actually tried classic preserved vinegar brined pickles. I have been a bit terrified of the process (and what happens if one eats the failed attempt — food poisoning?) to be honest. But I took the plunge because our kind neighbor gave us a huge ton of pickling cucumbers, a gallon of vinegar, some dill, and even cherry leaves (which she told me makes crunchier pickles): I had no excuse but to give it a try. It was hard work just making a dozen, much respect to those who pickle enough every season to fill an entire pantry!


Also, our tomato plants been really prolific! I can’t believe the amount of vegetables that grow in such a small garden!


Veggie Pizza

Fresh veggies from the garden (peppers, tomato, basil) inspired the idea to make homemade pizza but I was kinda lazy to make a bunch of neat little circular ones so I made a big one to fill an entire cookie sheet…like sicilian pizza? But with thinner crust, I like thin crust.


Look at this cute heirloom tomato! I can’t believe we grew it — it looks and tastes extra fancy.



And, cantaloupe — not so little anymore!



Apparently, there’s nothing more exciting for a little kid than finding pear on a tree and pulling little carrots out from earth.


Making BLT

…starts with a deliciously fresh bacon from local butcher.


Grilled perfect!



Garden tomato and lettuce. Some baby scallions too because I like it.


Assemble on toasted bread with some mayo + garlic sauce!


Grilling for Dinner

Grilling for Dinner, I like it. Because I don’t have to do it, and makes minimal mess is the kitchen for clean up. And best of all, everything is more delicious grilled!


Bread and dipping oil with sage and rosemary from the herb garden.


…And sweet sparkling cloudy sake for me.



What to do with Strawberries


Strawberry shortcake, of course.


And then I made strawberry syrup to drizzle with condensed milk on snow-cones. Pretty and delicious without artificial stuff.