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Spindle Spinning

I’ve been spinning some yarn lately.





Lapis Lazuli

Such a pretty stone with a pretty name. Assortment of favorite items in the bead box came together when Todd found me this wooden triskele and thought I’d love it.



Creating as Meditation

I would have to say, most effective stress-relief activity for me is beading. With beads, I like to make things that inspire quiet because reality of life definitely lacks in that department.


This one here is made with sandalwood beads (accented with few vintage jade beads) and smells amazing! Sandalwood is the most heavenly scent in the whole world, maybe only second to coffee.

owlsandalwoodThat said, while I was taking these photos, Oskar the cat found a feather out of my treasure/photo-prop train-case, chewed it up, and when I looked his way (because I heard cat-barfing sound), he ran away stepping on and tearing antique book pages (which I use for background texture for photographing little things sometimes) in the process. Waahhhh. So much for quiet time.


Rainier Days

I’m finally getting back into sewing which I seem to not have found much time for during gardening season. Todd requested more of these zipper bags and I finally sat down to make them. They are for organizing computer cables, phone chargers adapters of sorts etc that he totes around in his laptop bag.


Immi has been making dresses with anything she can get her hands on. I think that she did a nice job whip-stitching the shawl with a ribbon on the side seam.


Ashland has been spending a lot of time with legos. I adore this little robot he whipped up from spare parts.


Colorful Pencils

I wanted to get for Lucian a nice set of color pencils because he has been working hard at coloring intricate pictures neatly, and also because I got the impression he felt that he didn’t have enough variety to color green. Anyhow, the nice set of pencils came in an ugly tin so I decoupaged the top, added some dragon stickers and tinted it with some ink — now it looks like it belongs to Lucian.




Kids have been enjoying coloring stained glass mini-mandalas. They cheer up our windows a lot.


It looked fun so I joined too. I colored this one.



Scent of Summer

…Would be lavender for me. Making sachets here, dried lavender smells so nice, it’s therapeutic stitching them. I know it’s practically autumn but it seems we are having a long summer this year.



Also smelling pleasantly of summer is my baby cantaloupe — it ripened. Tastes amazing actually, best I’ve ever had (though I said that about pretty much every piece of veggies and fruit that grew in our garden!). Yum. And I don’t even like cantaloupes. There’s a couple more that will ripen soon. I’ll definitely want to plant more, and also honeydews too next year!


Energy Tank

…As in Mega Man energy tank. Made with fusible beads for Ashland who LOVES Mega Man (he’s collecting NES and SNES Mega Man games). Quick little instantly gratifying craft project. Such a thing was much needed here, we all suffered norovirus at the end of year and it lingered on for a bit. What a sucky week it had been! Oh, and by the way — Happy New Year!


Finding Quiet

Looking for quiet and prayerful moments in crafting…because it’s nowhere else to be found in reality at the moment in my life! Also, I wanted to experiment mixing contrasting materials — stones, wood, shells, metal, textile etc.




Tiny Clothes

Stitched up some more doll clothes. I made the tiny Hello Kitty out of immi’s old Hello Kitty pattern print shirt. The doll’s head was popped off temporarily because the hair is nuisance to work with while putting the work in progress clothes on and off. I know that many parents have issues with fashion dolls due to their unnatural body shape that promote unhealthy self-image or whatever, but can I just say how ingenious the Monster High dolls’ body is from seamstress’ perspective? The body is very very oddly shaped, but all of this odd and extreme curves adds up to allowing completely flat (no need for darts anywhere) clothes to fit amazingly. Fashion doll body shape that wears easy (cheap?) to construct clothes very well — industrial design at it’s best!


Tiny Socks

Figuring out how to stitch doll socks by trial and error.