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Heavy Duty Coffee

Living here, we are rather spoiled with many fantastic coffee from amazing local roasters and we try something new regularly but I have to say this one here, a lovely gift from a friend, is absolutely the most amazing coffee we’ve had lately! I’m liking my new mug too though it’s somewhat ironic seeing that I (brew it strong but…) put lots of cream and sugar — I shall enjoy it how I like it.


Impending Coffee Time

Waiting for Ethiopia Yirgacheffe to pour over. This one’s from Case Study Coffee — super delicious. I’ve enjoyed Yirgacheffe from many roasters over the years and I think that it has completely displaced Kenya and Sumatra as my ‘usual’ favorite. Waiting for coffee to brew is almost as happy as drinking it, I think!


PDX and Bubble Tea and Sunset

Strolling through PDX. Someones pretty garden along the side walk.

garden (1)

Stopping by for bubble tea.




Evening colors.


Sunset from Mount Tabor. Gorgeous. BUT, who knew there’s mosquitoes here. In October! Sunset is not worth it for mosquito bites. I got eaten alive. Kids and Todd were perfectly fine in the meanwhile for some reason.


Blueberry Kefir

Kefir infused with fresh blueberries and rosemary.


Cold Brew Coffee

I drink HOT coffee year around for most part, but it was just a wee bit too hot outside today for that so I chose delicious cold brew coffee at a new cafe that opened up near by.


Making Water Kefir

I started making water kefir! I had been contemplating making some kind of probiotic drink because Todd drinks store bought Kombucha sometimes to help his digestive system when it feels sluggish. Years ago, I made milk kefir from enzyme packets (At the time, I could not source milk kefir grains. It was one of those things that was “shared”, not bought. You can easily buy them online now!). I like milk kefir, but there’s limit to how much dairy one would feel inclined to consume in a day so I decided to give water kefir a try.

And I’m glad I did, because it’s easy (a lot easier than making milk kefir!) and it tastes great! Even kids like it. Immi thinks it tastes like apple juice, and Ashland calls it lemonade. (I put papaya in this one for flavor)

Why did I choose to try water kefir over kombucha? Well, quite frankly, the “thing” that makes Kombucha (it’s known as SCOBY) is scary looking. Kefir grains on the other hand, is kinda pretty. Yep. I’m shallow like that sometimes.


Blooming Tea

I wanted to show you the scarf I [would have] finished using spindle spun yarn, but I was just a teeny bit short of the yarn and I have to re-work the last section with less yarn-consuming stitch. …So only thing I’ve made recently is a cup of tea!

It’s an Earl Grey blooming tea (which is unusual I think…) brewed completely casually in a mug because our glass teapot broke a long time ago and haven’t since thought to replace it (because that was the *3rd* glass tea pot that fell victim to our granite kitchen counter).

The totally cute tea spoon is thrifted of course. Best $0.32 ever spent in my opinion!


We were at Heart Coffee picking up some coffee beans when I saw the barista making a cup of coffee using this geekiest looking gadget. It’s called Siphon Coffee Maker. It’s not exactly a practical method of coffee brewing at home (no matter how perfect a cup of coffee it produces!) for a family with little kids running about (it requires constant monitoring and butane burner) but Todd, Immi and I enjoyed watching it, and I really appreciate Portlanders’ genuine passion in pursuit of perfect cup of coffee.

We got a bag of Sumatra Blue Batak and Ethiopia Limu Niguse — they both smells very yummy. (We really got to get Ashland’s new seat installed in the car! He still meets weight requirement, but he’s definitely getting a bit too tall for it.)


We ventured out to the Saturday Market (which is oddly open both Sat/Sun!). I got german sausage on a bun with grilled onions, peppers and sauerkraut. Yum — especially the sauerkraut which was very fresh and crunchy!

Coffee time at Heart Roasters. I got americano. It was so completely delicious that I wished I had gotten a bigger cup!

Heart Coffee

Todd and I decided we weren’t super happy with Stumptown coffee, not because they don’t have good coffee but because they are always sold out of the roast we like (and the ones that isn’t our favorite isn’t worth our trouble of going to get it)! Besides, this shop is now so popular that I thought we could help out other smaller roasters in town. …And after few minutes of poking around online, I found a micro roasting company called Heart. Todd picked up for me a bag of Kenya Mtaro Ruiru (they have 3 different kinds of Kenyan! And Sumatra too.)

I love the packaging, with the cute little clip on top. And the coffee is totally great too!