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Faire In The Grove

We went to a renaissance faire and for no apparent reason, this was the only picture I took:


…and went inside the Grand Lodge. There were colorful and beautifully creepy bars there.


Fiber Festival

I’ve looked forward to coming to Flock and Fiber Festival since last year. Apparently, I was too busy looking at yarn etc. this is all I got photo wise.


Quaint looking spinning wheel.


…And much needed caffeine.




Washington County Fair

We have had amazing summer weather this week and Saturday didn’t disappoint — what a beautifully perfect day for fun at the fair!

I really dislike crowded places and avoid it best I can, but I braved it. As it turns out, there was absolutely no parking issues nor there a line for the rides!

A really cute candy and fast foods stand. I don’t imagine they have anything wholesome here, but I suppose that is not the point.

The ferris wheel — this one is vintage looking and adorable.

Crafty Wonderland

We finally made it to Portland’s bi-annual craft fair — Crafty Wonderland! When Todd asked me if I wanted to go to this event by myself, I told him we should all go together. I said this thinking that Lucian would sleep/hangout in his infant seat on the stroller, Ashland would be chillin’ in the back of of the stroller and that Immi would walk around holding my hand. Besides, I thought that Immi would really enjoy it since she seems to love handmade things (I’ve seen her fall in love with handmade toys and wearable things made from hand dyed wool and hand carved wood and such at various local shops).

Well, as it turns out, Immi LOOOOVES handmade things a little too much and had the “I-WANT” overload. When she stepped into the huge room with 200+ vendors all selling a gillion things she likes, she wanted everything, and then got confused, and tired herself out in about 10 minutes! I didn’t suspect this becoming a problem seeing that she never has problem walking out of regular toy shops without buying anything, and she is very good about choosing just a few candies at candy shops.

So we took Ashland out of the stroller and sat immi there (she just sat there clutching big bag of kettle corn creepy quietly the rest of the time). But Ashland wasn’t into the idea of walking around holding my hand because all he wanted to do was stand and jump up and down on this metal square every time he encountered one.

At least, Lucian hang out quietly in his infant seat without complaint. Immi had fun running around ouside Hall D in the Oregon Convention Center though.

…So it wasn’t the most convenient family outing ever, but I enjoyed seeing all the creativity that is part of Portland area. Besides, I’m really glad that Immi has appreciation for things that are hand-crafted with care over plasticky mass produced crap.



Flock And Fiber

Oregon Flock And Fiber Festival was going on this weekend in Canby OR (a little town about 20 minutes drive from where we live) and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but Immi and Ashland seem enjoy festivities, so off we went for a little Saturday adventure.

So many people were spinning yarn on the lawn enjoying the perfect weather. And there were [almost] overwhelming number of vendors displaying their beautiful fibers and yarn and all sorts of things crafted from them. (This wasn’t the only indoor area, there were 5 or so of even larger buildings full of various vendors)

There were lots of fiber related animals too, some of them for sale.

I was really surprised by the quality, uniqueness and variety of items offered and I thoroughly enjoyed looking around. Besides, everyone here were very friendly! Next year I’ll have to remember to save up craft fund for this, but we couldn’t leave empty handed so I got some lovelies: a tiny bite size batt, and a bit of purple firestar (for mixing into other fibers to add sparkle), two vintage spools (these were a $1 each, I resisted the temptation to pick up a handful!), and quite a lot of (7.6 oz)  super bargain priced mystery batt (it’s multicolor probably because it’s made from left over fibers and such — I actually enjoy spinning batts like this so…).

I was a bit worried that I’d be the only one to enjoy such an event but Immi and Ashland had fun being outdoors and petting animals. Todd even found a totally amazing spindle for himself (he learned to spin some yarn on it when we got home!). I think that it was educational not just for kids but definitely for me too — for someone who enjoys fiber related art, I’m embarrassing ignorant about what fiber comes from which animal and besides, I could barely tell apart llamas and alpacas (I can now!).

28 weeks

Today, I’m exactly 28 weeks along which marks the first day of 3rd trimester and 12 more weeks to go until the due date. That said, no medical effort will be made to stop the labor if it starts at 36 weeks (usually), so really anytime after 8 more weeks is a fair game. Where did time go? 9 months of pregnancy feels shorter with each successive ones.

The first time around, I knew exactly how far along we were all the time — I’ve hardly taken note of it this time. It doesn’t make the baby No.3 any less special though. We already know that this little guy will be completely different from Immi or Ashland. He feels happiest to me when I’m being creative and seems empathetic when I’m feeling less than spectacular. He moves around gently all the time (Ashland hurt often — there were lots of kicks, jabs and even tugging…is that even possible? And immi hardly ever moved.) and immediately responds to touch.

It’s hard for me to imagine what it would be like with 3 kids, but I know that it will soon be as if we’d always had all of them. One thing I know is that around this time next year when I make double portion of pancakes, I won’t have leftovers (I started doubling up the portion recently because one batch is too small) and that when I make annie’s mac&cheese, I’d have to make 2 boxes and not 1.