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Misty Lake

The mist hovered prettily over the water but the deserted picnic area was seriously creepy.



Damp rock surrounded by moss glistening in the morning fog diffused sunlight.


Rainier Days

I’m finally getting back into sewing which I seem to not have found much time for during gardening season. Todd requested more of these zipper bags and I finally sat down to make them. They are for organizing computer cables, phone chargers adapters of sorts etc that he totes around in his laptop bag.


Immi has been making dresses with anything she can get her hands on. I think that she did a nice job whip-stitching the shawl with a ribbon on the side seam.


Ashland has been spending a lot of time with legos. I adore this little robot he whipped up from spare parts.


Droplets and Sunshine



Designed by Lucian

Lucian has been really enjoying beading! Actually he’s been able to thread beads with ease since before he turned one, but at this point his designs are quite nice. In fact cute enough that Immi wants to wear them, which is a huge compliment fashion-wise. Given the jumbled up mostly plastic beading supply, I really couldn’t have made anything better than Lucian even if I tried hard.




Cure for Blah

We woke up feeling totally blah and instead of letting that ruin our entire day, grabbed our coffee to go and drove 10 minutes to this pretty lake.


Next time we’ll bring better picnic!


Rose for the Princess

The first of the roses bloomed in the front side yard. It matches Immi’s princess dress (she wears this all the time except when it’s being washed) exactly.



Moving and Stuff

Octonauts — they are super cute and have accompanying books which is great. Now the kids are all into under sea adventures! We got them these freshly picked toys/books because…


…as exciting as the prospect of starting new life in a new home is, the actual process of ‘moving’ is unglamorous. Like Lucian found appliance shopping really really boring. And bored kids = chaos.


But as tedious, stressful and physically draining as moving always is, we feel recharged every time we drive to our new home.


A picturesque old barn, I wonder how many people took pictures of it?


Pink Cinderella Cake

Immi had been requesting a pink Cinderella Cake for the past 3+ months and I had been planning on making it. Except…we got snowed in and couldn’t go out to get all the supplies to make it as planned! I didn’t want to disappoint her and rummaging through the pantry I found grenadine! I colored the frosting with it for pink-ness and made 7 candles out of 6 left over extra long birthday candles from last year (I almost made hand-dipped little candles, but this saved me time!). Happy Birthday Princes Immi!



Snow and Legos

It’s been snowing! Ashland and Lucian played with legos the entire day by the window while watching snow fall.



Kids’ favorite aunt is visiting from Japan for a few days!