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Lego Birthday Cake

Ashland wanted a spiderman & zelda birthday cake, so I made one with legos.


Happy Birthday my little retro-gaming ninja, lego extraordinaire, delightful story-teller and a crayon/scissors/glue enthusiast! I can’t believe he’ll be joining Kindergarten this coming fall.legobirthday

Definitely Not Tiffany’s

Old and big key fashioned into a pendant.


Nature and Making

Immi is innately a maker. She’s always making something out of anything. Everything is a material for her creations. …so she is always collecting.


A fanciful nest with eggs? I’m not sure.


Making of the Perfect Dining Table II

And just in time, the machine legs for the table is all done too! Cleaned, rust proofed, buffed and sealed. The ironic and challenging part was making it look like I found it exactly like this.

My favorite part of it is the brass plate affixed to one side on one of the pair. I didn’t even know it was there until I started cleaning it.

Making Incense

I was suddenly inspired to make some incense, which is something I haven’t done in a long while. I decided to make Kyphi-inspired incense. When I say “inspired” I mean I have liberally modified the recipe to suit my stash, but tried to keep the proportions of resin/herbs/raisins+wine/honey the same as the recipe. Basically it’s Kyphi-like because of wine soaked raisin and honey (which are rather unique combination of ingredients though I have seen honey listed in traditional Japanese incense recipe). The finished incense is the pebbles in the brass dish (it looks like kitty treats!) which is being dried and should be ready for burning on charcoal in a week or so — it does smell very nice.


Cloudy Sunday Knitting

Having some tea and knitting arm warmers (or fingerless gloves, whichever way you call it). These ones are for Todd, he wears arm warmers everyday not for warmth but for making his wrists more comfortable when he is using laptop. The white stitches are temporally — I’m going to see if I can figure out how to make thumb holes in them shortly.

A photo like this one is somewhat deceptive, isn’t it? It looks like I’m hanging out in this moment for a long long time but in reality, it lasts only a short while.  Besides, it looks quiet but in actuality, Lucian is hiccuping in the swing next to me very loudly.


Lucian has been a very convenient baby. He hardly ever makes a fuss, eats well and sleeps well. He likes being held, but doesn’t complain much when he is not. …And, I was very pleased to find that he enjoys being in a sling!

I made this grey ring sling (I used thick-ish jersey knit fabric, zigzag stitches to accommodate stretchy-ness of the fabric and these rings) before Ashland was born (because Immi and I loved this style of sling, and my homemade one was a lot more comfortable than the fancy store bought counterpart). But I hardly used them with Ashland because he was far too wiggly for this type of sling.

When Lucian is in the sling, it’s hard for me not to peek into it and imagine if he was snugly curled up just like this in utero.

Coffee and Cards

I’m making coffee. We’ve been making coffee using moka pot (stainless one, not aluminum) for past few years since I hate large gadgets that sit on the kitchen counter and I had loved Chemex but it broke (along with TWO other glass teapots!) and I imagine such an item won’t last in this household. I’m having a hot cup of coffee with half&half and Todd’s is iced mocha with soy milk.

I made something not yarn related today! …A business card! I’ve redesigned it with updated imformation in GIMP. We are having a box of them printed of course, but Todd had an immediate need for it so we printed some on matte photo-paper.