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Spindle Spun Scarf and Strange Dream

Now that it’s almost spring, I finally finished the crochet scarf made from the yarn I spun sometime ago.

I woke up from a strangest dream last night. It was slightly nightmare-ish in that it was dark and accompanied by doom-ish feeling. In the dream, the entire forest (which is perpetually nighttime) is a resonating box where it is completely silent except for that every motion in it translated into a sonic emotion. In my dream when I discovered this, I danced (except it wasn’t really me, and I was watching “me” as a third person)  and the forest made music. The funny thing is that I can probably recreate this sound, if I wanted to. And if I wanted to go one step further, I even have friends who knows all about motion(dance) triggering sounds (Hi! I miss you!!). But for now, I’m content just knowing I can, and have no intention of realizing it actually. But seriously, how does my brain come up with these strange things? This isn’t the first musical dream either. I heard music in my dream when I was in high school. Few years later in college, I figured out that the strange music in my dream made use of quintal harmony (and I did recreate it for a project!).

Musical Things

…So the reason why I’ve moved this blog to this location recently is that I’ve been thinking about redesigning my main website, and decided that this [mostly craft & treats] blog is quite separate from other [mostly music & sounds site …to which I’m hoping to add new stuff to soon]. Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to create a steampunk look with a musical twist so here are few photos I took of my musical things which I might use as visual elements for the redesign.

Musicbox. I love hand crank musicboxes, it’s easily my favorite musical instrument!

Here’s my Parallax testing board, it was for my dragon marionette midi instrument I built for a class.

And here’s my bicycle gear. Todd saved it for me when he got one replaced on his bike (you can see that the edges are quite worn out). It makes very pretty sounds!