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…So Todd and I signed up with some groups at a few days ago. One of the groups we joined is “Weird Parents” group. We figured, if they label themselves as such, they won’t be so judgmental, right?

We went to one of their meetups today (happening at Mee Too, a cafe with supervised play room) and Todd and I agreed that those people were some of the most normal (in a good way! …but how ironic is that?) and sane people we’ve ever met. Besides, they were totally nice.

One of our reasons for going to these things is for immi to have some opportunity to be with other kids…but she wasn’t in the mood to play with other kids today. Maybe next time. It was educational (even therapeutic!) for us to see that other kids immi’s age are just as difficult/loud/pure-evil! as she is (or even worse!). Ashland was a perfect little angel as ever of course. He just ate some and then drooled happily for about 3 hours.

Oh, and you know another reason why we love Portland? There are so many people who relocated here from all over the US just because they wanted to (just like us!). It’s like the mecca of weird (i.e. thinking, conscientious, creative) people. I dare say, we’ve never met anyone in NoVA who moved there because they simply wanted to 😐