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Bubble Sparkle

I had lots of fun with star-shaped aperture + immi + bubbles.




Seriously, is anything more fun than bubbles?? I hope kids would never tire of it because I won’t.


Trees and White Dress






Berries and Flowers

Because I hate fumbling with gadgets while on outings, I never take extra lens with me. …So when I decide to put lensbaby on my camera, it’s a commitment for the day. It’s a commitment because the chance I would miss getting passable shot of ‘kids doing something fun that grandparents would wanna see’  is definitely probable. But it’s so much fun using this setup that I’m willing to take the chance quite often. I think that lensbaby helps me capture moments the way I would remember feeling — how wonderfully strange that a few pieces of glass can do such a thing!








I never actually enjoyed playing with dolls as a child but…these ball-jointed dolls are very posable and is quite amusing!


Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch at Sauvie Island Farms because well, kids are obsessed with pumpkins.


Nature in autumn — Life and death visibly co-existing is beautiful, isn’t it?




There were pumpkins too of course.


Lucian found some ginormous ones!






Autumn Colors

Much welcomed unseasonably warm beautiful autumn day.



Lots of treasures found on the ground.



Antiques, Hydrangea and Macaroons

Date with myself today brought me to Sellwood, a tiny little town known for antiques. We frequent this town because it’s only a short drive away, has a great park, and several fantastic cafes.

Anyhow. I sat down for a bowl of delicious wanton soup and idly listened to the sound of the world.

The amazing thing about this amazing antique register is that it’s still in use!

I noticed the beautiful colors on these fading hydrangea only because I happen to sit next to it.

This hat I got at the beach the other day is keeping me much cooler by fending sun off my face. Why didn’t I get one of these things like years ago?

When I got home, I made tea for Immi in her panda bear mug to go with her cute little bright pink macaroons.

Cute Dinosaur

…is what Ashland calls this thing.

It’s hardly cute, really. And to be honest, I hesitated to get this thing because I wondered if kids would be too scared. As it turns out, it’s the favorite for both Ashland and Lucian (he calls it “di-do-dores!!!”) and they fight over it often.

She Was Pretty

…but then her head rolled off.

Seeing the World Through New Eyes

…Ok, so technically just one eye. Besides, it’s more like a third eye? Ah well, contextually failed use of cliché 😀 Anyhow, new equipment for fun and for work. I am entirely excited.

Here, the soft focus effect was achieved by the use of dusty mirror. That’s right. Poor house-keeping turned into creative device. Ha!