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Crafty Goodies!

We were in northern part of Portland for coffee so I had the idea to stop by Knittn Kitten — a thrift shop that specializes in craft supplies. I totally loved the idea of vintage and previously-owned craft supplies since I do feel concerned about how (ironically!) consumerist and unenvironmental crafting can be, and also annoyed by mass-produced poor quality materials. That, and I just love vintage things, especially crafty things! Anyhow, what I didn’t know was what treasure trove this little shop was! I found lots of pretty things…for cheap!

The silver hoop is a vintage spring loaded embroidery hoop. I totally love it, it’s still in good condition, and seems far more functional than modern plastic ones. I always have use for pretty laces and trims! I seem to be collecting vintage knitting needles in shades of pink (They are so cute! Now I have 4 pairs!)

Close up of threads on wooden spools. I always have use for thread in different colors, but these are so cute, it’s a shame to use it up.

Completely amazing vintage glass buttons!

Fluffy yarn. Admittedly, I got them at least in part because of the cute labels. I love vintage labels and tags.